May 21, 2011

2011 brings happiness =)

somethings always comes in package, whether its good or bad..especially in LIFE
i used to be in 'down-time' in my lifeline..
but i always talked to myself, STAY POSITIVE..and BELIEF!!
when u believe, u actually program something in your mind..
and don't stop praying to the Creator!!

people on earth are created to be SOMEONE !!
after all the turning down, i'm now back on my real track.
i'm soooo glad, happy, proud, blessed and thankful to all the ups and down moment that i think won't bring me where i am now..
not to say, i'm succeed enough, but i'm really satisfied (at least to me, myself, my surrounding) with what i have right now. It shows that i'm really thankful to God, shouldn't i?
so that's the real hikmah that i can see now why God had arranged all these experiences!
people won't learn, people won't appreciate!!
believe me, we have been through all that and feel it. 
that's it =)

new life, new career, new beginning, new family member :)
i'm so blessed!!

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