March 17, 2011

mana satu pilihan hati

tengah berkira2 nak redeem point yang perasan-berkepuk tu. ala point credit card je pun..
so alang2 rase dah boleh meredeem tu..leh la gatal tangan membelek..
nak ikut kan, kalau ikut point yang ada, barang sume tak best..
eh ko..nak best belanja la lebih. dpt la best. itu dpt best hadiah sekali je. tp kalau belanja lebih, tercekik sampai bila2 buat ape, kan? hahahaa..
so ni antara barang yang aku cuba nak redeem..
walaupun tak cukup point, tp mungkin leh topup dengan $$$ skit. korang rase berbaloi tak?

or yang ini..

satu kena add rm125, satu lagi kena add dalam rm150..
ke macamana?
banyak je yang so far, electrolux product ni memang berkenan dihati..
ingat bulan depan baru nak redeem. hahahah bengong kan, skang dah kecoh2 nak pilih mana..

psss..saya dah dapat kerja. alhamdulillah. but in the meanwhile, i'm still looking for a better ones :) ye lah, sebelum start ni, sempat la nak attend interview yg ada dipanggil ni. hehe..syukur kepadaMu Ya Allah..

Smart Baby with Smart Trike Zoo

berangan je kan??
ala kalau duit berlebih pe salahnya..
agak best gile tengok tricycle ni..
tgh bloghopping, browsing here and there, saje nk tengok2 tricycle yang best utk si kecik ni..
jumpa yang ni..
serious kalau duit aku berlebih, takat nak guna 2-3 years ahead..
aku campak2 je duit kt kedai tu dan rembat sekor..

serious comel, smart gile ( ok nama pn smart trike), flexible, usable, ape lagi able daa?
harga?? jeng jeng jeng....
mungkin ini retail, not sure..
but i found out somewhere in the net, ada discount sampai jd 700. ok la tu kan?
eh ok ke? 
mak aiiii, basikal anak je dkt 1k. ape kes? hahahaha
baik aku beli make-up MAC aku buat tambah koleksi.
tp itu aku.
kalau kau mampu, ape salahnya..

some info about Smart Trike Zoo:

Smart Trike Zoo - Smart Trike Deluxe, is a Right Start Best Toy Award winner. The unique 3 in 1 multi-featured tricycle is designed for quality and functionality for a baby 10 months and up. The Smart Trike 3 in 1 is equipped with an adjustable telescopic 5-position steering handle that allows the parent to take control of the trike while the child is learning to ride. It also includes a bottle holder and play phone for the child's amusement. The built-in clutch gives the option of ride control to the parent or to the child. The product includes a washable, quality seat cover available in a range of colors together with a useful functional bag.

The Smart Trike 3 in 1 recommended
Age: 10 months - 36 months
Weight lbs: NW - 15.84 GW - 18.89 Measurements
inches: L 26.77 X W 8.66 X H 13.78

Smart Trike 3 in 1 Deluxe Tricycle. The Smart Trike 3 in 1 can be configured in 3 different configurations which correspond to 3 different approximate development phases of your child :
  • The first configuration is for the 10 month child.
  • The second configuration, which is aimed at the 15 month child
  • The 3rd phase allows for the eventual removal all together of the parent push and steer handle
if i'm not mistaken, it also comes with pink color, kan? cool isn't? how i wish my(next) baby is a girl..hahahhaa..kalau girl pun, ko nak beli ke nana? mimpi lahhh........zasss ;p

March 14, 2011

org nak aku pun nak!

adatlah tu, dah nama pun aku ni dilahirkan manusia. upppsss!
bukan nak ape, tgk org update blog, aku pun nak update gak ler. agak cam biase la, blog yg since 2007 ditubuhkan ni alhamdulillah masih hidup lg. tah la, rase macam nk revamp-la-sangat blog ni, tp mood lom dtg2 lg. eh mana ko mood??? dh bertahun dh. cehhh...
ok ok..back to the main issue. ape yg aku nk share kt sini ialah................
pasal rezeki..
hmmm kan last entry i was 'bebeling' about job?
ya job...about job that i'm looking for tu...ala kan aku nk keje balik. dh mula itchy with my current lah, mcm la aku kawin ngn anak raja nak duduk senang lenang. cukup lah dengan sacrifice yg telah aku lakukan dolu..its hard u know? but maybe that time i also just terburu2..huh bad me!masa tu maklum lah, org baru dpt anak. sayang anak woooo..hehehe!tp takpe, itu old stories..i lost something, but i got many things!!
so cerita kerja yg aku cari since end of last year. if im not forgotten, was around Dec 2010 kot. hehehe...takde la lama mana kan? ;p tp i tried in many ways. eh many ke. tp voleh la..mostly via jobstreet tu je..but to be honest, im not always the lucky ones if applying through JS ni. tak tahu la apesal..aku deman tinggi while other candidates not ke? ehhh memang susah la..but reviewing tu kdg2 melampau byk lah...too many candidates yawww...memang la agak high competition sket.
ok so agak berbulan aku nk tunggu for single call, ok?
just ade la 1 call on feb, itu pn from agency that until now, silent je. hampeh! tp ms pegi opis they all pn, alahai mcm hampeh je opis. tak mcm opis adecco-yg-professional-skit tu. serious, terus mcm down dh sampai, go through je lah. tp bila dah snyp tu, hmmm rase cam buang ms (eh buang masa ke? tak terai tak tau kan?) je nak cite betapa tak pro nye agency tu, masa nk short interview dgn aku, the interviewer (aka owner i guess) picked-up 1 call from her fren (aka insurance consultant dia) dengan cakap yang agak kasar ..ok understand its common for personal depan kita ni marah2. boleh tak just excuse herself and talk outside? ms tu terpikir, eh minah ni, tak malu ke?;p ok stop that story morry..
so keje tu pun tak dengor kabar. takpe lah, mmg takde rezki kot org ckp..
so weeks later, end of february plak, i went to another interview in 1 of UK company. this one advised by my fren yg ada kwn at that company. located at solaris dutamas. i did some research, ok la, try first, lets see how. been there, chit chatting a lil bit casually at paparich (suprise?)..hehe..ya, the reason because they dont have proper meeting room * yet* and the office still under renovation. and come to another suprise, the office just setup in 1 year in Malaysia and only got 10 peoples!!! hahaha..ok thats fine, but come to that, i just not even eager to know more. i got the feeling mcm..ala tak dapat pun takpe lah kt sini..the reason came up to my mind are: tempat agak jauh if i travel frm sban to kl ( just in case), that place pun macam tak best je, staff plak tak ramai, takde melayu so agak susah nk survive (haha typical malay), and most important, my mom tak sape nak keje ni? mak ke sometimes, mom's word kena take note jugak kot! so memang lah tuhan tu dh leh baca hati kita. takde pun rezki kt sana. padan muka, memilih bebenor! heheeh..but God knows better..
and cite psl application kt jobstreet ni, last week got another phone interview with this company - AT Kearneys..perghhh agak mengkantoikan diri la.tak tau nape, but he asked me more about my previous job i was like, eh lupe byk la....but that 1 pun mcm dh berat hati when the company is actually looking for people yang heavy to travel. klau baca betol2, u have like to travel to south east 2-3weeks..gile pe? of course when the person asked me, i said yes, i dont mind travelling ( hehehe just to test the market) dh tau dh takkan dpt when he also asked how old is my son, who taking care bla takpe la tak dapat kot? 
and then today, i got 2 calls from agencies which is 1 from unexpected call (yahh im die hoping for this company) and another 1 is from adecco ( this is one of the option if ive got nowhere..ngee..)..the one yg i harapkan skang just waiting a good news if the company wants to call me up for an interview. but talking the second one, its ok if i got that one since i already have frens there as well as the areas that im looking for a job quite meets my requirement (cehh, aku yg tentukan eh? )...oh and i have to attend to the interview this wednesday..pray hard, cross finger i got this one first while waiting to another better offer. hehee..
so what is the moral story that i got from the situation up there?
rezki tu kalau nak datang, ia pasti akan datang jika didahului dengan usaha. ya, im not saying here i already confirmed got the offer, but it just matter of God open-up your way..that's it. klau awal2 tu mcm no calls at all!!!but recently, at least, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. at still hoping for another company to call me up. hehehe..i have few that i've put high hope that they will select me. haha...giloss..
takpe lah, janji aku tak akan berhenti mengharap dan berusaha..

so guys, doakan yang terbaik ya untuk aku dan keluarga aku. *crossing finger*