February 24, 2011

i'm stucked..

in the home..huarghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
currently, i'm massively looking for a new job. ohhh company, cud u please call me for an interview first? puh-leaseeee??!! (^_^)...
i have been looking low n high since a month ago..tp ade la 1-2 interview, but still belum ada rezki. sobs :(
yeah, now i wanted to be a working mom back!!likee..nowwww..hahaha..
hope everything will be settle soon..my handsome boy seems growing up without waiting for me..gagagaga..he's soooo handsome now (eh heylo, who r u to argue?..;p)..
of course, he's my son and he got my clan..heheheh..oklah..layan je la kegilaan dipagi hari ku ini.;p

 i'm so happy, bersyukur that i have this wonderful gift from God. God has sent me this miracle years ago..am happy to be able to raise him up with my both hands and eyes. am blessed. thank God. its time for me to move..even though it was such a hard decision to make some time ago, but i have to sacrifice. i lost my seniority, i lost my value in career but i didn't lost a time to see my son grown up. alhamdulillah...he's now clever boy..can say many things, copy others, can speak 1-2 words with meaning and understand instructions.. ok la for 18mths old boy :) i'm such a lucky mom. i cudn't ask for more. i hope, for the next baby, i will do the proper plan..that time maybe with experience that i have, to get helper isn't a big problem..insyaAllah..

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