September 1, 2010

Pre-raya gathering with family members

Alhamdulillah di atas kurnia-Nya..kami sekeluarga dpt berkumpul utk berbuka puasa bersama..
Walaupun ia sekadar buka puasa yang simple, but its really meaningful to ourselves..
boleh dikatakan semuanya ada except 3 of our anak buah ( nieces & nephew ) and my sister ( & her husband)..those who not coming really had their own reasons ( understand )..
really sorry to my sister who cannot make it due to her condition . she had miscarriaged for the 3rd time ( discovered on the day itself) a day before..pity her. but since reservation has been made & paid, agenda tetap diteruskan..

So majlis berbuka puasa ni actually a last minute arrangement, in-charged by moi but fully sponsored by my brother ( thanks bro!)

food was Okay ( atleast with the price & place) and people really supportive.
all in all, everyone is enjoyed themselves!
so peeps, enjoy the piccas ya?

my mini family :)

1 Malaysia! hahaha family sporting..

si bobot ;p

again, us :)

cheeky boy!

my BIG family! :)

terima kasih pada semua kerana meluangkan masa walaupun pada hari ISNIN!

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