January 27, 2010

why i don't bother about certain peoples.
they r just so sarcastic..
show-off..err i allergy to this kind of people..
seems they don't have their own life..
and i do not know what is she thinking..
show off+sarcastic = she-doesn't-know-what-she-wants-in-life

i'm not dying of them lah..
forget it..

u're telling me about sincerity..
eh heylo..if you are, u won't tell this and that lah..
and you also won't complaining..
don't be cry, you re the one who choosing to be there, then ready with all ur heart lah..
bcos of i'm one of them, that's why i cha-alif-but!

huh, what kind of people lah r u..
sometimes funny..
u're asking, but then u already got answer.
what's ur intention. i also don't know..
maybe you think 'you're the best'

haku pun pening lah ngan ko ni..

ko tanya, ko jawab lah sendiri.

kadang2 i prefered to be observer from distance..
kelakar with your badut funny action.
nak gelak tak sampai hati..
masuk bakul angkat sendiri.
pastu tak tahan, your justification selalu failed!

but as a friend, i still cover your water-face


dah la, bosan!

..but what made me being like now, sebab org yg bodoh je layan org bodoh. u got what i mean???

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