November 6, 2009

this is what u called 'expressing your personal emotion'

in your personal open diary :)

i'm so tired with my life now.. not to say that i want to stop do all this, i would not turning back!
but all the tiredness gone when i saw my baby is waiting for me at home n smiling all the way looking at heart melt..i can't live without u, baby and all i know u need me!!!
if someone who asking me to choose 1 from another - hubby or baby - i would say, they are my life - body & soul -, without 1 of them, i must be dead!!

i hope my darling will always understand my situation which is priority will always given to little darling. he just came to this world, he knows about nothing, he must has someone to guide of..i hope there's a lil bit understanding from you which is nothing to be explained just because luqman is still tiny to know about this life, i couldn't help to let him grown without someone who supposed to be at his side.

in the end, i don't want to be a mother that would be blame for..

does not matter how exhausted u are, u gonna fight d best for your baby..

i hope i'm not in the wrong path of doing it, all i know, it just because of you, luqman.

ummi loves luqman so much, and will, forever..


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