November 9, 2009

finally it came out!

hahaha..i should not make tis as entry..sian luqman, klau dia dh besar n baca this entry, mesti dia malu ;p

semalam penantian kami berakhir apabila setelah beberapa hari ( almost 1 week kot ), luqman akhirnya poo-poo. kekekekek..cemas je lebih kan?

yes, as what i know, if your baby exclusively breastfeeding, no need to worry about poo poo. ini spt ape yg di baca kt internet or any other forum or informed by any other frens lah. even dlm certain forum pn mentioned, bb yg bf boleh tak poo poo about 1 week or more? not sure true or not, but this is my first experienced luqman tak poo poo. when my mom told me about this, i was like calming of myself by telling her, that's normal and as what i know..tak ade ape lah nak di risau. but being a first time mommy, who said i'm not worry at all? added with information from early birth of him yang he should be poo poo everyday about 8 times per day - for sake of his health. but come to think of it, my baby just fine and not cranky at all. dia elok je kentut, tak de colic, even tido lena wktu malam. gelak ketawa tak hingat dunia ade lg. hihii.. we should assume he's feeling well lah, kan?

but of coz, we better check rather than wait for something bad happened that we would regret at the end, so no harm to go for check up! tapi nak check on sunday ( that was about 6 days already he never poo poo), all d clinic closed! demm..

so we opt to wait for another day to come. sebab kate it can be last for a week. alhamdulillah, malam tadi he finally did it! kekekeke..punya la banyak berapa lama simpan daaa..thank god, he happily sat on my hubby lap and "preeett preettt". my husband was expecting he might be doing his job. and when i about to take him from hubby, i asked hubby to check at the back before he go off to somewhere..and yesss!!! terus hubby terpegang his yellowish stool. ngeh ngeh ngeh..kelakar habis..

tapi busuk tak hengat, dan sangat lah banyak sehingga ke pinggang. ye lah, masakan hubby leh terpegang right after checked his diaper. kakakakaaakak........

(this entry should be published yesterday, tapi ade problem with blogger..grrr)

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