October 14, 2009

now i know how d feeling is..

one word - TERTEKAN -

dalam tertekan mesti datang kesedihan, kan?

now i know how d feeling being a mom..well, ur own son mah!

fyi, i left my son at my mother's house. yah i know that's good. but u shud ask where my mom's place?


yep, not that far. SEREMBAN - KL - SEREMBAN. but i have my own story why i feel sad, feel bad, feel incomplete and so on..


currently i still fully breastfeed my baby. i keep stock for him. tapi yang tak bagus, jumpa dia every 2 days!!! how bad!

macamana i nak express d feeling ek. i cried at night, i missed him badly, i wanted to hug&kiss him everyday.

yesterday was my first attempt ( after came back to office on monday) went back hometown after 1 day plus not seeing him. u know what, when i first arrived home, i heard him crying. i quickly open d door and get him. he suddenly quite and stare at me when i called his name :(..

terus bwk masuk bilik and breastfeeding him.dia sgt rakus mcm haus gile walhal my mom told me she just gave feed him an hour ago. tp dia mcm terus snyp, sambil termenung lama..i can feel her feeling!right after that, he looks soo happy bergurau2 dgn i.

bile di office, i always called mom dgn harapan nak bercakap ngan dia ( of cos wktu dia jaga la). i called his name, dia dgr wpn sblm tu i dgr dia mcm merengek.dia terus snyp and termenung. like today, i called again, calling his name, dia menyahut!"haa..haa.."..waaa sedihnya..

the worst part is..bile malam, my mom cuba utk tidak keluarkan dia dr buai seawal yang mgkn utk pindah ke katil bcos dia akan terpandang2 kiri n kanan or atas mcm mencari sesuatu. bcos spjg bercuti, we used to spend time together on bed while breastfeeding him..:((((( kesiannya anak ummi. i know u missed me, i missed u too baby..i will try my best to solve this problem soon . i want to be always with u. i love u..

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