August 5, 2009

bad news is not neccessarily comes with unhappy situation..

i'm still Thankful with this great experiences, as not everyone has the opportunity to feel it..Alhamdulillah. i have been carrying this little boy for more than 9 months and now he gonna meet his parents, very soon. InsyaAllah.

even the way he come out from his comfort zone is not the most-likey way, but still the hope will always be the same - he will safely arrives to see his mom & dad. how i can feel the great feeling of being mom - soon. at least for me.

last tuesday was considered a final decision which confirmed that i'm going to be on operation this..THURSDAY - 13th August 2009!! meaning i have less than 1 week to see my baby, excited huh? but comes with mix feelings..i'm scared as well.

how time flies? about 9 months ago, i was found out that i'm pregnant with so many pregnancy-test tested, heh! and now the time that we are waiting for,is getting closer. Being a pregnant lady, i'm always counting days - when i can see my baby - week by week.its so tempting! what i can describe the feeling now - excited, nervous, happy, scared, gelabah, tak sabar, nak nangis..all mix together..

sometimes, i feel bad and guilty to my husband because i can't be a good wife & mom. even worst, i can't deliver our baby in normal way. i did apologized to him and he replied "it's ok, as long as our baby are safely delivered..that's fine". i can feel my warm-tears dropped, in the dark. still, there's a hope.

alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah..Thank GOD for giving this precious moment that definitely would be missed in future. how hard you bring along your heavy belly for about more than 9 months with little tot is moving around inside your womb that led you smiling in a day..

Please pray for me that everything gonna be OK. All what i need are - blessing of my husband, mother, mother-in-law and...everyone!

i hope i can be a good mom to my son as well as a great wife to my lovely husband. this little baby really brought a rezeki to our life in many form. this is really true.

a good news will be announced once his mother back on track :D

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