July 7, 2009

when is time to worry..

about your loved ones..of course, sape tak risau?

for past few weeks, i did my regular antenatal check-up and as usual the ultrasound as well to see the position of my baby. greattt!! he's still not turned down yet. when you were at 29th weeks or 30th weeks. maybe your gynae would say..don't worry, you still have time. he will turning down soon..good, i feel relieved, at least for that time!

but when it comes to just now, where you're almost reaches 33 weeks, where you are almost there ( i mean to deliver baby anytimes by 36 weeks ) AND your baby still at the same position. what would you feel, babe? ape yang dia suka sangat tah kt situ..

should i worry then?

yeah, he's still in breech position!!

melintang silap, songsang bak kata orang tua...owhh ohhhh!!

sempat ke or is there any chances your baby head will turning down?

risau risau risau..

the nurse told me to refer to GH or any government hospital for this consider-high-risk case, at least by NOW before my due date. and i should go there this thursday - of cos there's letter given to me earlier.

cemana kalau taknak pergi and berharap baby akan turun gak?

reason : i don't want to take more leaves as my leaves only left about 5 days until end of this year! after few deduction of leave that i have been taken lah for next month..

kalau MC, for sure lah ada issue2 yang akan timbul. i've been in that situation already :( how sad..

i really2 in stressed when thinking of this. kalau lah dapat superior yang memahami dan bertolak ansur. alangkah baiknya..

if my baby still in breech til the end, probably i would be in c-ser..hope i'm not. uwaaaa...

if i'm a lucky star, my baby will turning around about another weeks or last min baru dia kasi kerjasama ( apa yang penting?? kerjasama!!) - anyone had an experienced on this??

so berdoalah apa yang terjadi akan baik2 saje. asal me & baby are safe..

to baby : please sayang, main la pusing2..syok tau main dlm air pusing2..hihihi

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