July 10, 2009


Dear All,

Please visit my online-shop if you looking for kain-kain or tudung for hari raya. hehehehe..

i know i'm quite tight with schedule plus, i'm heavily pregnant now but i'm still doing this business just for fun. FYI, currently all these items are not mine. I'm selling on behalf of my friend sajork. Previously, yes..all are mine. Now saje berehat sebab tak larat lari sana lari sini cari stok.

In the meantime, i also selling kerepek at school ( my sis la ni suruh letak kt sekolah dia )..if sapa2 nak order boleh jugak.muahahaha..because i can pack for order. di rumah je pun :)

Soon, nak promote bahulu untuk hari raya. Sample belum ambik. will update soon. hehehe ( tak padan nak beranak tu, my confinement will be on ramadan to hari raya puasa ).

Kutu akojaya ( berkat fiza ajar ) still berjalan dengan lancar.

Other than that, let me find out what suits me for business.hehehehe

Anyhow, i'm still a working woman. kekekeke...

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