July 21, 2009

kemungkinan itu ada

Yes, mungkin i'll go for labour about another 3 weeks. if not for normal ones, it might be thru tingkap. i have ready for it. cayork2..!! at least dapat tgk baby awal dr due kan, kan? hihihi ( this is the only situation that can makes me not to bother about condition to be on c-ser )

ye lah, ape lagi yang kita mahu ..as what my other good fren said - all these are out of our control. Allah punya kerja, we just hope for the best. betol tak? i do hope everyone will pray for me.

As to date - i went to gov clinic this morning and the nurse told me that my baby still songsang. don't mind lah. they advise me to come back on 4th of August - by that time i'm going to 37 weeks preggy, and if let say baby still not lie-down, then only they will issue a letter to straight away go to hospital to highlight the issue. i did asked them when i can be ready to deliver if c-ser is required. she said, its on 38 weeks. same as what my gynae in TDMC told me.

ohhhh..that means, another 3 weeks la kan, kan???
I think my baby is in complete breech. hehehehe..

38 weeks means, it would be between 12th August to 19th August. mind you - my husband's birthday is on 18th August. so can we request on that day? ;p weheeeeeeeeee...
ok la. i have done with some preparation of hospital bag. cuci mencuci pun sudah malam tadi. tinggal nak letak dalam bakul and get it some in baby's hospital bag. semakin hampir kan..?
oh lupa. there's method to help your baby turning down manually. but i have refused to use that method which i think, it will give you a possibility of baby terbelit with their cord. ta'amboh! dan ianya sangat sakit kerana memaksa baby utk turun bukanlah senang. itu kerja tuhan, bukan kerja kita..
read this. there are 2 types of correction. internal & external. pheww! gile ke ape..

eee..nak ke doc buat cenggitu? i think the internal ones does not make sense betol. huhuhu can't imagine that!!

huh, mimpilah my husband nak sign if doc insist to correct the position. dia cakap "ahh jangan!"..

ok la, back to work ;p
till then..

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