May 9, 2009

a new look..

lately there's lot a new style of scarf in the market. you just name it. tudung ct, syria, tie-rack, munawarrah, ariani..phew! i'm not fan of tudung. for me they are quite pricey. yah, just to cover your hair, you have to pay about more than 30 for it. tell me that you can get 1 maternity clothes by that. heheh. kedekut kan saya? however, i know there's people who loves to buy tudung. loves here means, they are not counting at all when comes to it. takde la pk pjg cm haku ni sayang duit nk beli tudung memahal. hehe. baik beli baju ;p

so to those who-know-who-you-are, i respect you! haha.. mcm2 style tudung ko nak try kan? ;p

talking about style of tudung. i used to wear a common one so that people can see me in common view. i.e tudung bawal. this is really really common and evergreen i could say. haha. takut betol jadi muka lain, nanti rase buruks. but if you never try it, you won't know, forever..

but only recently, i saw one of this lady wore 2 pieces scarf yang macam luar dia bergayut tu. when i see it, i jatuh cinta plak. keke. tak tau apa org panggil tudung tu. later in the office, i asked fiza. she's an expert, when comes to tudung. hahah..she told me, people called it tudung ct. i even googled about it before. memang tudung ct i was thinking to have, at least one la..jadi ler nak try. hehe. fiza pun suka.

yesterday we went to Jln Tar. Earlier plan was to look for a sample of bunga telur for Ida. she will getting married end of this year, InsyaAllah. so I & fiza ikut sajork sambil nak cuci mata la kata kan. hehe..planned to look for tudung too..alang2 kan. tudung ct tidak ketinggalan.

tak tau la it suits me or not. i did tried it at shop, me looks chubby. muahahaha..i scared to try the inner one bcos it would make my face like endon..ehh indon..silap ; fiza cakap biasa je. so i bought it one. utk raya, boleh? hahahah..

so this is tudung ct that i wore when tried it last night. i showed it to hubby, he said like indon too. :( bad taste betol. but i don't think i looked like makcik senah or i loikee this year theme, kena paksa hubby and baby wear purple to match with my tudung. errr..tudung je ke? how about baju?? adoiii i will be in confinement, ada ke baju ehhh??

ok tak saya pakai tudung ni? pelik tak rupe ku? huhu. if ok, boleh la beli lain lagi and also try the other tudung yang biase orang pakai mcm kat dalam dia tu. i never have one. except mcm tebal skit, itu pn dh tak pakai. rase sgt lah pelik.

Instead looking for tudung ct and bunga telur, we grabbed another kind of tudung. yang ni jangan tak percaya. it looks like tie-rack scarf. hahahah perasan. don't u think so, do u? boleh tertipu kan? believe it or not, it just cost you 10 bucks!!!!! wooowww..rasa nak gi beli lagi. jom fiza..hahahaha..
tak susah pun nak pakai even its a long & soft scarf. janji pakai serkup! hehe

cantik kan? (perasan!) hahah..whatever it is, saya sgt puas ati. ohh lupa, that tudung ct i got it at RM40. don't know whether its cheap or they cheated me. huhu..

so now you don't have to spend about RM50-60 for only 1 scarf, this scarf would help you look nice too. long as u noe how to choose the design. memang berbaloi~

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