May 29, 2009

The finale..

I know i'm not like you guys..i'm quite ketinggalan..I never watched followed (at least follow the series or watch each episodes) this series since Season 1. kalau tengok pun, gitu2 je without excitement.

Tetapi..for this season, which already 4! i've been never missed it. eh ada sekali missed, itu pun sebab malam tu ada tahlil. huhu..just because, my husband is a BIG FAN of the series. haha..kan ke baru je kawin last year, duk rumah sekali then terpengaruh la kan..hihi :D

But what makes me in the puzzle now is..Is the last episode showed on TV is the finale of Season 4? yah i know, memang sudah ada season 5 pun..heheh..tapi ini yang selalu disiarkan di 8tv every Monday, 1030pm tu!

this is what i'm talking about..

I heard this season will be ending soon. But just now when i did some bloghopping, i found out it's already ended last monday. Meaning, last monday was the last episode for this season.wah pusing2 plak cakap. hihihi Isn't true? I don't think so, because some was telling me the handsome hero,Michael Scoffield will be died. but some said, it's NOT. yes, please don't..huhu..

Did anyone knows about this rumours?

*i already got confirmation from hubby, but still need information from you, ladies!

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