April 11, 2009

at 20 weeks preggie..

..as scheduled, i went to see doc for regular check-up this morning. kena wake-up early la kan, sbb thinking of long que tu, adus sangat la malas. heh..so about 7.25 am dah gerak dr umah, 7.35 am cmtu dh reached TDMC. we went separately bcos after that hubby kena pergi site plak. haku ingatkan dah abis awal la tu konon dpt jd org pertama. skali no. 4 daa..tapi doc belum masuk lg, bcos normally doc akan dtg kul 8.30 or 9.00am cmtu. ye lah, dh dlm jadual clinic dia gitu. tapi org tetap dtg awal utk amik no as early as 7.15am agaknya. huhu. then tunggu lah doc dtg plak while we can go anywhere we want. tapi arini, tup2 aku dpt tau doc akan masuk kejap lagi, masa tu belum pun kul 8am. sebab katanya (asst. dia ), doc ada OT kul 830am cmtu, so dia nak cepat. she willing to attend her patient who came first, about 10 patient je dulu. then later on she has to go to operation. so sape yang after no. 10 tu, kena la tunggu pergi breakfast ke hape. phew! sibaik haku dtg tepat pd masa nya. so arini wpun aku no. 4, tp aku dpt masuk turn no. 2 sbb orang depan aku yg 2 lagi tu dah gi mane tah. lepas amik no dia gi melantak kot. hihi. so then after, my hubby came and tunggu kejap smpi my turn kena pggl. doc pun looks in rush mcm nak kejar masa kan. so she just informed me result of glucose tu.

alhamdulillah..it's normal. phew! nebes gak kan..yang lawak nye doc cakap, result after 2 hours took glucose is lower compared during b4 glucose which i was fasting! haha. ape ke mende tah nya. well, papepun syukur la takde pape kan. see the result below..

tengok tu, 3x result dia..hehe

then we proceed calculating my pregnancy period. i'm at 20 weeks plus at this time ( 20w3d to be exact). lepas tu doc nak scan, my hubby was there. this is second time he was able to see our little bundle of joy together. first masa about 9weeks kot, lepas tu gi gomen tak dpt lak masuk. after that, masa first pegi TDMC, he was away pergi kerja tak silap. so this time i arranged a lil bit early so that he manage to see our baby. sebab he still need to work after that. pity him la kan. when doc about to start to do her job ( scanning ), moi pun tanya lah. my belly ni big ke as i'm at 5 mts preggie. she told me.."no, its normal..". better big as this becos u can have less strechmark. apakah?? hahaha. ok..see my current belly. BIG kan? huhu. yes, true..i didn't even see any strechmark yet or ever? muahahahaha. but i already feel tight here & there. fuhh, tak bleh imagine if i'm about 8-9 months. sure lagi besau. and fyi, yours truly pun heavily weight at 62kg now!!! imagine that, how big i am. huhu. gile kena diet camni pas beranak..

mom2b's belly..
perut kemain la besar, baby so tiny inside there kan sayang. ape la mommy ni ;p. so today i'm so happy becos i know that my baby still keeping healthy inside there. we both heard the baby heartbeat as what doc said.."macam horse riding". hahahah. so cutee..alhamdulillah, currently we have 1 little healthy baby still and hope til the baby arrives. amin.

..doc had giving the same answer for baby sex for this time. i'm pretty sure that its gonna be correct..insyaAllah. bcos its too obvious and its remained as same as my last check-up. hihi. guess what? ( i think you guys will know how to guess it based on the figure etc etc ). hehehh...

my baby was 21 weeks masa ni, means 4 days ahead. doc said, not too big, so don't worry. takut la kan sbb aritu kata ada glucose, nanti baby besar, susah beranak woo. huhu..

see my baby? - look, dia dh makin besar as the legs are curled up against his torso and hard to measure tak macam masa 16 weeks dulu.
i can feel the movement sometimes after all. eventhough not so active, mungkin sebab dia kicik lagi kan. tapi i can differentiate it between angin perut or baby kicking. penah sekali i usha masa suddenly i feel dia kick, then i could see my belly bergerak. huaaaaaaa..so excited. but kejap2 je. susah sgt nak capture that moment. even my husband pun still not manage to see or feel it yet. haha sian dia. ;P

tapi i takde lah sampai call mom to tell her that my baby's kicking macam kartun kt bawah ni. haha. but yah true ladies, its exciting, especially we are first timer mommies..;p

expression at 20 weeks..

ok lah. nak masak and then kira bila lah next check-up ni. tak sabar.haha..it will be 9th May. masa tu dah 6 bulan lebih dah. insyaAllah..amin..

note :lepas check-up, sblm hubby pergi site ( since still early ) we all together gather pergi breakfast pekena roti canai, nasi lemak & teh tarik. yumm yummm!! mane la takde glucose kan. ngelat je tu time buat MGTT..huhu

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