March 14, 2009

Special Kung-fu!

hi lil' r u doing???syok ek duk dlm perut ibu gulik2..huhuhu...

Can you see it? my lil' one is giving special kung-fu when we do a regular scanning today. hehehe. i never thought he/she getting bigger now. he/she even more bigger than what i've calculated according to my first EDD. yah, we know baby will always growing up and EDD always been changing. hopefully at the end, lil' one will popping out at 18th August as same as his daddy's birthday. wuhuuu..

so for this time, he/she is 17 weeks where he/she supposed to be 16w3d and EDD is 22nd August 2009 ( wowww, Ramadhan bermula tuhhh, huhuhuhu). well baby, mommy just hope u're fine there and happy to be able meet you today, yayy!!

do u think i did teropong the secret parts? hahahaha. doc actually did asked me whether i want to know before i did asked her. of course i want to know. dia cakap, we could be able to see baby's sex. you want to see it? what a silly question? wooppss..dia gelak when i said yes. hihihi..but guys, let's wait for another scanning to double confirm on it eventhough seems like it was pretty sure that my baby will be ......... hmmm..hehehhehe
tak kisah mana2 pun, asalkan sihat walafiat ye sayang. mommy loves u!

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