February 14, 2009

after quite a long silent


blank, while typing this new entry. no, saya ada banyak bende nak cerita and share, but since office saya dah blocked blogging2 ni ( taktau macamane diorg dpt idea nk blog blogger.com), saya macam takde masa nak berbelog. stakat baca belog tu buleh. saya agak lah, mereka di IT team ni akan tgk traffic ke blogger.com ni sehari mcmana. when they saw the rating is high, they start to block it. demmm!


so as today, nothing much i want to write pun. just update me as now enter to 2nd trimester feel
quite released. at least la kan?
so this is me when i'm not aware that i might be pregnant at ? weeks?
now you see how i look at 12 weeks preggie? ermmm...i feel like a *** tell ya!

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