January 24, 2009

just to fill a gap

hari ni dah sabtu and next week we have holidays. wuhuuu..chinese new year lah, yang ko lebih2 ni pehal na. huhuhu. yea, we were given 1 extra day by company on wednesday. so cuti lebey skit la kan utk berehat di kampung. hehehe. i should plan for our holiday but i can't at this moment due to planning that we have made 1 year ago ( wah lama gile ). kekekek.
since Chinese New Year is around the corner, hubby & I in the office asyik dapat limau je. i don't eat so much as some colleagues advice me not to take it too much. tak tau nape ler...limau terlalu banyak supplier bagi sampai busuk2 duk letak belakang tempat aku ( my place is near to cabinet yang senang they want to put anything ). haku angin gak bcos busuk and sepah with boxes. tapi what to do, itu je tempat yang strategic to put all the foods. yang best i can grab anything that i want at anytime. hihihi.. they asked me to bring back at least 1 box of mandarin oranges, but i refuse since hubby also brought back another small box of orange yang dia sorang makan pun tak habis (read: dia sorang kan) and together with prosperity crunchy cookies.

ala crunchy cookies ni remind us to zaman dahulu kala they throw away the orange dalam sungai or laut ek? and give a pray or message that hoping there's something good happen in your life. so bile makan cookies ni, ada la message dalam dia. huhuhu. macam la percaya sangat kan? but its funny when u know that something good je selalu you akan dapat. wakakaak. every year pun sama! tapi kali ni dapat 1 box, so byk la dalam tu. takkn nak makan setiap satu to look for that 'good' message je. ahh malas la kan ;P

so this is my prosperity message ;)

"You have very strong ideas on what you want in life"

Yes, exactly!!

should i list all what i want? no, aight? i have a loooong list of hopes/target to make it real in my life one fine day. semoga Tuhan izinkan ia tercapai kelak. hope everyone will achieve everything that they wanted in their life and don't give up. Eventhough sometimes i was also given up with something that i really can't go for it which at the end i have to let it go. hmmm..past is past, cheer up for next achievement!! caiyok caiyok..

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