January 24, 2009

first exclusive profile?

Yesterday i had appointment with my gynea in TTDI. he's sooo nice gynea i've ever met ( wah mcm byk kali jumpa gynea ;P). but well, he's very down to earth, soft spoken person and so fatherly lah dia tu. hehehe. this is my second meeting with him at my 9 weeks pregannt. i was excited, nervous, hopeless in one time before i met my gynae. ye lah, everything can happen ladies! i really have no idea how long my baby can survive inside there. i just pray everyday that he can meet his parent this year. amin.

I was hoped that this time i would see his heartbeat or at least his figure ( too early huh? ). And my husband was bersama-sama me inside the room. sebelum ni i had my first scan, tapi dia takde :(. Ok lah, that time baru ada sac, maybe not too clear to see our lil Jr., aight?

I was planning to ask doc why i don't have all the morning sickness, tapi orang tua ni terlupa daa..sengal sungguh. maybe too excited, takut semua, sampai terlupa. What doc advise me to do?

- Kurangkan berjalan
- Jangan tahan kencing

Baik doktor. makan meggi boleh tak doktor? woooppss...

So we went inside the room and did aktiviti scanning while my hubby standing besides me. yeaa, Alhamdulillah my lil was fine inside sambil gerak2 sedikit. do not know whether itu buih2 ke apa. hehehe. he's still tiny but already can see his heartbeat. weheeeeee...seronoknye. Alhamdulillah.

So this is his first profile that i got from doc..

Size : 2.23 cm (soooo tiny)
Age : 8 weeks 6 days ( almost 9 wks right? )
EDD : 29th August 2009

excuse the "ke-excited-an" this first-time-pregnant lady ;) just hope that my baby will well developing inside *pray hard*

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