December 28, 2008

Syukur ku terhadap-NYA

hmmm, how could i start??

in about our 2 months, 2 weeks, 3 days marriage, we have been given a great news that we never thought but of cos must be welcome news. Thank God!

but well, of cos one thing that i could say, syukur ke hadratNya - dengan pemberiannya yang Amat besar maknanya padaku ini. sungguh tak ternilai ertinya pada kami berdua. kami terima dengan hati terbuka kehadiran orang baru dalam hidup kami ini. segala yang terjadi pasti ada hikmahnya :)

kami bakal bergelar ibu & ayah :)
we're parents-to-be peeps!!

segala tanda tanya, keraguan telah terjawab..i'm so tempting to reveal it earlier, but i have to wait the right timing tell all this truth..huhuhu.

so the whole story goes very da confuse..haha , tapi aku je takmo annouce lagi. hiks!

19th Nov 2008 - 1st test
i have started to notice it on the day it missed! i just wonder why i felt something different in my body. i feel uncomfy when it came to evening. i bought home pregnancy test and did a check. owh, it was blurry +ve. that would not answer/help me yet. yes, i senyap2 check without informed him ;P

21st Dec 2008 - 2nd test
so i waited until next 2 days, i silently tested it and it quite clear compared to other day. Its +ve as well. why la, i still not believe it.

23rd Dec 2008 - 3rd test
still, unsure about that because it tend to be false positive or false alarm,no? so i went to see the doc on next tuesday and yes, doc claimed i'm preggie almost 5 weeks. the test showed clearly the 2 lines :) . then only i inform him about this happy story :) he was soooo excited to become a good father ;p

24th Dec 2008 - 4th test
well, as usual me. still i can't believe it. i planned anxiously wait till this weekend to do another check up with docs, but in the same time,i bought another tester with fiza when we were celebrated ida's bday. i did in the office, haha. and the result also +ve. hihihi hantu UTP ape aku ni ;P

anyway,i guess, i will not do another check up la kot or wat do u think? enuf la kan for 4 times checked. dah mcm pengumpul UTP berjaya lak aku. just aku terfikir , "betol ke aku pregnant nih??"..hehehehe . ke aku perlu beli home test lain pulak becos today, 28th Dec 2008, genap my period delayed in 10 days. ada potensi tak??? huhuhuhu .

28th Dec 2008 - ok ok, consider final test :D
updated at 9.30pm : i just came back from clinic - to reconfirm again, yes doc again said ( to hubby) "tahniah, isteri awak mengandung" ). terasa macam drama pulak. hahahahah. ok fullstop nana, enuf said. I'm blessed.

i hope, i'm not wrong anymore..;p

so, happy new year for this new comer :) hihihi

btw guys, i hope everything will going fine. i'm almost 6 weeks preggie now and my EDD will be 26th of August 2009. pray for us ya? i'm in high risk period now..tsk tsk tsk. sangat riso ok.


loook, loookkk..look at above ticker. i have updated another counter up there. :)

* why i did all this test as earlier as the day it missed, just because i have a light headache the whole week and also feeling like having a fever every evening. so tak tahan, i have to refer to expert. selain itu, nafsu makan tu sgt melampau and always mengantuk di ofis.huhu. so far no morning sickness, no loya2, no muntah2 yet. yet? or forever? huhu
** our Ramadhan will be on 22nd August 2009. InsyaAllah raya tahun depan dah bertiga lah kami. hihi..amen

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