December 5, 2008

economic crisis

wah tgk pada tajuk macam heavy gile topic aku ni ;P

well, its impacted to all. i mean, globally. right. my company also got no exceptional for this.
eventhough we also got our annual bonus as usual, (thought we were safe already). but its not actually. like..sometime in few months back, yes, there are.. Retrenchment, VSS in most profit-department, especially for the sales person. kesian gila, and i can see some of them came to our department to get sign these and that. by the time we were not soo stable. But lucky, i'm safe!( at least during the critical time) alhamdulillah.. just because there's individual left the company. so its easier for my boss to think who she should cut off..errr takot gile that time. it was last 3 months punya issue.

then now, its a new issues come in. hmmm..*rolling eyes*

my boss just finished her GM meeting yesterday and bring over the bad news. she informed my colleague to spread the invitation of emergency-last-minute meeting at late evening before we off. ok, what's that? ( we were asked each other, heh )

then the meeting started. my boss also not sit on the chair. cara dia tengok pun mcm gile goyang. kekeke. ok, she start to tell us that.......

no increment credited by end of this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

diorg akan bawa ke tahun hadapan, tapi tak tahu bile just because of economic crisis sejak kebelakangan ni. :(((((
i was sad but still feel lucky that i still got job. i just wonder they still can pay us bonus at least 3 months salary but no increment.

yes, u'r right. maybe bonus is just our previous business profit. but now we talking about current and future business. there's a lot shortage business just because a lot of company close down, politic crisis up & down that made lost their businesses potential. its happened not to our company, but i believed in other company as well. ada aku dengar tak dapat bonus, buang kerja pun ramai and no increment same as us.

my company still better, (alhamdulillah) diorg tak bagi sekarang tapi bagi tahun depan insyaAllah kata nya lah. hopefully ye lah. baru je plan nk cari kerja lain, but bile fikir dalam keadaan macamni, takot lah pulak. huhuu they plan not to cut headcounts anymore but tried to hold this money out. heh! and somemore yg kelaka, by boss cerita. our CEO ( Tan Sri Rainer ) push all the business unit to make all the business in at least value of 100mil per month to cover all the 'kerugian'. hahaha. and all the head-head cakap " we cannot get it! ". macam2 la cerita dengar kan. sometimes all the potential business not become reality. thats the bad situation. huh, macam ahlil ..errr

so bos cakap bawak2 la save ur money. bonus tu simpan..wakakakakak bersalah plak aku. :P and dia ckp, thats why goverment advise to cut the kwsp tu sbb nk kasi kita ada byk cash in hand at the end of the day. tp aku rase baik remain je lah 11%. betol tak?

so balance money ni nk buat pe ni???? gatal la tgn aku, huh...ada suggestion/recommendation tak utk kasi beranak duit ni time2 gawat ni?

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