November 4, 2008

its always on his side..

I & hubby always fight each, no..bukan fight ape, it just between two of us know that we always like other friends. Fight yang dimaksudkan di sini contoh ; betting for 2 options. LOL.

Just now i went for dinner to this one favourite kedai makan in Sg Besi, we have talked a loads of stories, especially him! As he always known as pemalu & pendiam by others while i'm opposite, but actually it's NOT! I think all the times, i will be a good listener to him, really!
So talking about fight and stories, i have came up with issues of paying balance of our photographer at Public Bank. yeah..he wanted to deliver it today at my mom's house and i have to settle it by today. The problem is, he only give us a Public Bank account. I refuse to use my current account bank just to keep away from the fees of RM2 charged by the bank. heheh kuduk2..well, mencari Public Bank bukanlah seperti mencari Maybank or CIMB Bank or at least RHB Bank. huhu..So we bet! I said there's no Public Bank in Kuchai Lama ( yes,we stayed here) but he said yes, there's! huh, really? i don't believe it..I'm so confident with point whereas i bet him the nearest Public we have is in Jln Klang Lama. ;P

Dia pun tak puas ati. So we bet with something. Kalau instint dia tu betol, melayang lah about 400-500bugs from me. arghh!!! but i stick with my statement, there's no Public Bank there. I agree that Kuchai Lama is such a good and strategic location for us because there are medium branches of bank such as CIMB, Maybank, Alliance and maybe Public Bank. and have few drive-thru fast food i.e KFC, Pizza Hut, Mc well as petrol pump macam shell. semua nya lengkap and berdekatan sangat! tak perlu tempuh KL or keluar bandar. Eceh..kira dekat la, less than 5 mins driving macamtuh. so my hubby nih konfiden lah ni memang ada. sampai tak sabor2 nak balik dr makan sbb kite nk survey bank. haha excited gile. and he was saying that after we ronda2 Kuchai, we can go to Klang Lama plak. kekeke. skit nye confident i said yes. If mine is correct, the rewards will falls to myself then. hahaha syok nye. i laughed at him thinking he needs to ready spending money for me nanti. ;P

so as we finished, we went straight to the place that he claimed where the Public Bank located at. on the way to that place, i yang memang rasa memang confident habis and keep laughing..muahahahah. and dia pulak when i tengok2 luar kereta, boleh dia cakap perli macam ni, " aihh, usha line ke?? takot ke" as i tengah cuak ni. ;P hahahah whatever la my cute loving hubby :)

as when we reached at the corner of the traffic light tu, i saw a big & long sign of Public Bank and he went like..

(Screaming spontaneously ) Ye haaa!!! wohooooooooo...yes!!yess!! yess!!..hahahahah

i was like....

(shocked) and look at him continued by laughing all the time.

i should go for surfing before agree to bet! ( betol2 sblh umah ni! haha)

hahahahah. yes. i'm a loser!! goshh, i'm gonna spend some money for that. huhu.

Later,I still laughed myself because my mind keep rewind the moment i saw his first reaction that was really made me shocked. Its really funny! i bet u. ;P

* ape yang dia tengah gelak2kan tu tah. tgk WWE je pun ;P

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