October 19, 2008

Wedding of the 1429H Eid-Mubarak :)

Chronology of these 2 loving couple to be knotted:)

Groom : Mohd Shukry Abdul Majid
Bride : Musliana Abdul Khamal
Solemnization : 11th October 2008 ( 10.30am)
Reception : 11th October 2008 ( 1.30pm) & 12th October 2008 ( 1.30pm)

around 1996 : aware about each other existed in our school ( yo ko??!)
he was one of my enemy in school. wah ramai ke musuh ku??
1997 : moving out to other different school. he went to SMKA while myself went to MRSM.
distances is not a reason to be apart as a fren :)
1998 : still kept in touch when it comes to holiday. balik kampung calling-calling la ;)
early 1999 : waiting for SPM results and we started to be as "close-fren" dulu..
middle of 1999 : we both got offers to further studies. mine in KL, his in north. could u imagine?
cool...distance is not a reason again(fav quote!)..haha
june 1999 : before we went off to university, he gave me a card, ring and letter that i think its a sign that we're couple?? confuse..because no words delacred but these 3 things tell me everything :))))
that was the sad-dest part when u started to love someone but he will be away from u. huh?!
then we kept in touch from via letter to email to public phone to handphone to sms.. ahahahah! i still kept he first card, letters or any card that he sent/gave to me when we were student. banyak hokeh??!
eventhough there's up & down, unbelievably that we still stick together!
early Oct 2007 : his family came to visit my family for merisik
20.10.2007 : we've been engaged in simple ceremony attended by closest frens & families.
11.10.2008, 10.30am : segalanya selesai ..alhamdulillah. the solemnization went smoothly. thank GOD.
till to date : alot of stories, happiness, sadness, that we've shared and through together. i never thought that our relation will last forever since there are difficulties that always challenged us. huhu. (i'm not telling u 4 future hokey!)
I'm happily married with you my babe, Mohd Shukry. I hope you will be the same person that i met you in 99 and menjaga na dengan baik. Kesusahan yang dilalui adalah untuk kesenangan di masa akan datang. I love you so much and try to be your best wife! promise..awww emo plakss..huhu
today, its already considered 9 years we've known each other. but i think, there's a long journey ahead that i should going through with you and knowing you better. dear, pls gimme a 'space' & 'time'
to improve myself from day to day..

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