October 17, 2008

mrs bob is waiting for pictures

awww...sangat menyakitkan. i mean, waiting is pain ;(

so i requesting for those who attended my wedding the other day cud give me all the picture they have. please..please..

i really really hope you guys kesian with me. :( look at my face now. huhuhu

i have no pics now in my hand for certain reasons :

- i have no camera which just stole by someone that i couldn't replace it yet.
- my niece supposedly to take all my pics on that day (even she was bz distributing jelly to guest) which will considered personal taken, but unfortunately, all those pictures were missing. imagine it! do not know why, she have transfered to computer on the same day but the pictures were neither not in the computer nor camera!
- most of closest frens were not bring their camera on my wed! fuhhh..
- my official hired photographer not deliver yet my pictures :)

so ladies, please..

send yours one to my email misnana26@gmail.com or musliana.abdul-khamal@siemens.com
either one..or both ;)

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