October 25, 2008

mrs bob is in the midst of..

furniture-and-electrical-stuff hunting..haha!bole?!

baru tau susah ek bile ada rumah sendiri..opss..rumah-sewa sendiri. ;P
masuk rumah kosong jek. bak kata my hubby "cakap pun berdengung!" ;P

kalau dulu..
ada fridge owner bagi..
ada washing machine hosmet punye..
ada sofa..eh yang ni umah sewa dolu-dolu..
takde katil pun takpe sbb duk bilik sensorg..
basuh tangan pun larat lagi sbb baju kite light-light je..heeee
masak pun kadang2 if ada mood..

tapi sekarang..
fridge pun tak ada :( nk masak pun susah..( i mean nk simpan lauk basah )
washing machine pn belum beli..
duk kt bawah je..
tv je ada tu pun letak atas meja-tah-ape-ape-tah..
dah tido beregu takkan nak atas tilam land-bed kot..hihihi
basuh baju dah 2 set berjemaah..huhu tak larat. tshirt & seluar berat wooo
now kena masak bcos my hubby home-type-eater..;P

ok, byk kena beli. tapi kena list down dulu. tak boleh main beli je. hmmm..kopak nanti.
bonus plak next month. terasa lambat pulak! haizz..

my wish list are..
-LG refridgerator
-washing machine - yang ni tatau nak beli semi or fully. some said semi also not bad just because it can be last longer. betol ke??
-furniture from cavenzi because they are damn cheap!!! kenapa ye? is it bcos of their quality?
Here are some that caught my eyes..
Sofia Sofabed: RM299
Smart Sofabed : RM199

Coffee Table : RM89

Grete Bedroom Set : RM599

all are wayyyy below the budget. so, should i just grab it??

October 22, 2008

tulun tulun...

ni macam entry rayuan plak..
bukan merayu, but need ur advice. i know u ladies expert in this area. ahahahha!
ermm..mcm yang korg tgk lah haku skang ni. nk kate tong drum, hampir lah tu.
bak kata eila, "na, ko tu dh hampir overweight tu"..huhuh gile ngeri dgr kan, kan?
well, most of my fren yang met me on my wedding day tu surely terkezut beruk. hohohoh..
and those yg tgk my pic ( especially ms free-hair ) semua comment ( read : semua ) macamni :

" nk tnya sikit, jgn marah. ( lah nk tnya ke nk ckp ni ..hihi ). nape skang nampak chubby. bukan u slim ke dulu ( read : dulu i slim hokeh )."
" na, nape dlm gmbr baju biru tu ko nmpk lain gile, berisi skit" ( nak ckp byk, ckp je la korg weii)
" na, ko x lah gemok, tp x la nmpk kurus" ( ini ayat menjaga hati skit ).
" gemok nye ko na skang.." ( ini plg x tahan dgr )
" xde la gemok sgt, cume tang pipi tu je naik skit"

see..boleh di kata kan, xde pun yg cakap TIDAK/DENY/ aku gemok and PUJI aku kurus..hahahahahha
ye, aku akui. aku gained a lot..pada sesapa yg tak pernah kenal or tau aku, actually by 2005, aku gained alot. dulo2, ah sedih bile pk balik..dolu aku x penah reached 50kg ( read : tak pernah ). now, aku tak boleh reached 50kg jugak ( read : tak boleh ). 2 different meaning ye..huhuhu. nape susah sgt eh? baru aku rase keperitan itu skang. dulu aku rase senang gile :P well, dulu ms study, saya org susah. asik jalan kaki, exercise turun naik bukit. skang ni idak lah nk kate sng pn, tp asik duduk ngadap pc berjam2. exercise pn kurang. naik kete turun kete. ha, hambik ko na! ahh tertekan nye..
and so to my en. hubby. ade geng la kan..hihihi. tp geng ngn lelaki ape barang. malu seh. tak kan dia perut boroi, aku pn nak lawan sama boroi. aduyaii..masalah negara betol.

dulu bajet nk kontrol mkn sblm kawin spy boleh kurus. and lucky my wedding falls in hari raya and bajet sblm raya pose leh lah lose weight. tapi tidak..salah segalanya. malang sungguh sbb aku telah bercuti lama masa hari raya. dan menempek diri haku di rumah sepjg cuti sblm kawin. jd segala tok nenek aku dh bedal sblm kawin tanpa sedar yang aku bakal menjadi ratu sehari ..yee ke??? hihihi..bangkai, silap percaturan aku. aku kalah dgn godaan masakan mak aku ( harus aku salahkan mak aku? ) skali aku cek2 aku dh gained almost 57kg!!! mak aiiiii terkejut betol. iskk tak boleh jadi ni. tp itu semua sudah terlambat. 11th October sudah pun 2 mggu berlalu dan hasilnya dpt dilihat didalam gambar. aku dgn tenang meneruskan aktiviti makan tanpa perlu diet lg ( sbb dh kawin maa..hihihi ).

tapi hari ni, aku terfikir balik. hmm tak kan aku nk tembun macam ni. bak kate org, lom peknen lg dh mcmni, could u imagine when i'm sarat? mesti mcm belon yang bergolek2 kan. sedih nye. so ladies, give la ideas, opinion, suggestion, recommendation etc yang boleh reduce kan sume ni. terutama tang perut, pp, lengan..arghhhhh

* aku tak leh commit ngn slimming centre & gym fyi...

October 21, 2008

a day before..

a day before i start on holiday last 3 weeks, we had arranged a farewell party for our colleagues. ermm..they were such sweet & nice colleagues that i ever had. always give their hand when needed, gossiping, gaduh-mulut whatnot..but now we are missing them. whatever your colleagues attitude are, they are still important. without one of us, everything will be so messy..believe me! when look at this pictures, now i know i missed them already. haiz..

L-R : BB, Ida, me

our almost-team-member

October 19, 2008

Wedding of the 1429H Eid-Mubarak :)

Chronology of these 2 loving couple to be knotted:)

Groom : Mohd Shukry Abdul Majid
Bride : Musliana Abdul Khamal
Solemnization : 11th October 2008 ( 10.30am)
Reception : 11th October 2008 ( 1.30pm) & 12th October 2008 ( 1.30pm)

around 1996 : aware about each other existed in our school ( yo ko??!)
he was one of my enemy in school. wah ramai ke musuh ku??
1997 : moving out to other different school. he went to SMKA while myself went to MRSM.
distances is not a reason to be apart as a fren :)
1998 : still kept in touch when it comes to holiday. balik kampung calling-calling la ;)
early 1999 : waiting for SPM results and we started to be as "close-fren" dulu..
middle of 1999 : we both got offers to further studies. mine in KL, his in north. could u imagine?
cool...distance is not a reason again(fav quote!)..haha
june 1999 : before we went off to university, he gave me a card, ring and letter that i think its a sign that we're couple?? confuse..because no words delacred but these 3 things tell me everything :))))
that was the sad-dest part when u started to love someone but he will be away from u. huh?!
then we kept in touch from via letter to email to public phone to handphone to sms.. ahahahah! i still kept he first card, letters or any card that he sent/gave to me when we were student. banyak hokeh??!
eventhough there's up & down, unbelievably that we still stick together!
early Oct 2007 : his family came to visit my family for merisik
20.10.2007 : we've been engaged in simple ceremony attended by closest frens & families.
11.10.2008, 10.30am : segalanya selesai ..alhamdulillah. the solemnization went smoothly. thank GOD.
till to date : alot of stories, happiness, sadness, that we've shared and through together. i never thought that our relation will last forever since there are difficulties that always challenged us. huhu. (i'm not telling u 4 future hokey!)
I'm happily married with you my babe, Mohd Shukry. I hope you will be the same person that i met you in 99 and menjaga na dengan baik. Kesusahan yang dilalui adalah untuk kesenangan di masa akan datang. I love you so much and try to be your best wife! promise..awww emo plakss..huhu
today, its already considered 9 years we've known each other. but i think, there's a long journey ahead that i should going through with you and knowing you better. dear, pls gimme a 'space' & 'time'
to improve myself from day to day..

October 17, 2008

mrs bob is waiting for pictures

awww...sangat menyakitkan. i mean, waiting is pain ;(

so i requesting for those who attended my wedding the other day cud give me all the picture they have. please..please..

i really really hope you guys kesian with me. :( look at my face now. huhuhu

i have no pics now in my hand for certain reasons :

- i have no camera which just stole by someone that i couldn't replace it yet.
- my niece supposedly to take all my pics on that day (even she was bz distributing jelly to guest) which will considered personal taken, but unfortunately, all those pictures were missing. imagine it! do not know why, she have transfered to computer on the same day but the pictures were neither not in the computer nor camera!
- most of closest frens were not bring their camera on my wed! fuhhh..
- my official hired photographer not deliver yet my pictures :)

so ladies, please..

send yours one to my email misnana26@gmail.com or musliana.abdul-khamal@siemens.com
either one..or both ;)

October 15, 2008

I'm back, ladies!

as..Pn. Musliana ;P

i missed my blog soooo much. a lot of story in my mind, but..tak boleh cerita sekarang ya?
oh gimme some time to recharge my battery. hahahahah ;P

well, pictures will update later. as u know la, editing will not only taking 1 day to complete. hehehehe. dari gemok ke kurus, dr kurus ke gemok. hahahahahah!

till then..c ya!

* thanks to all attendees who managed to attend my wedding the other day. appreciate it frens!

October 11, 2008


sebentar lagi aku dijadualkan akan bernikah dengan...........


dan dengan rasminye menjadi PN MUSLIANA ;P


doakan semuanya selamat ye kawan2...