September 12, 2008

wat do u think?

If i'm not forgotten, the last card that i received (hari raya) was on few years ago. few years tu almost 4 years kot, or more likely about 3 years ago. Some cards might not in my hand anymore but some might still been kept nicely back at mom's place :). i think most of us now not practising giving our close knit, family members a physical card which some feel it most thoughtful rather than sending an email, smses to anyone.

I heard this topic been discussed on radio (fly fm) while driving to office this morning and people had give their opinions in difference perspectives.I would agree with some ideas which is not practical but true. Physical card that had been received a long time ago can be keeping in years to come while received a card in electronic ways boleh terhapus begitu sahaja. Some people says, received a physical card would give a nice feeling and it most thoughtful. In other way, e-card is more convenient way to send, save your cost and of cos, the FASTEST way! There's pro & cons between this two.. I know people has their own reason as well as what i've done for myself. Honestly, i do prefer electronic way nowadays especially with 1 clicking, 1 greeting can be done to all! especially what i've done for my
wedding invitation. hahhaahaha obviously, no other! so how about you? let's vote!

Would you rather go for..

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