September 19, 2008

No Topic - kepala hangin
baru je balik dr berbuka puasa di Sheraton, Subang tadi. kenyang gilos mcm nk pecah perut. sampai pun dh lambat tadi coz kuar dari opis pun dh dkt kul 6. dh ler arini friday, org kejar buka puasa lg. paham2 la LDP tu. huhu, sibaik tumpang kete ida je.
buka puasa kali ni di invited oleh supplier personally for their loyal customer ni. hiks! so pegi je la kan. tp sampai2, cari ler tempat mane yg direserved kan oleh that supplier for us. cari punya cari, tak jumpa (bley?). dh la kesuntukan masa, tanya sana tanya sini. until someone led us to the coffee house. then we went there. still can't find our reservation name. call here & there, the person who booked is not the person who will join a dinner. mungkin secretary dia kot. iskk dah malu berdiri2 kt depan tuh, org lak dh start buka pose. huhu, dgr azan lagi dgn kuat kt situ. then most muslim looking at me & ida (excuse these 2 chinese lady la kan). but then 1 case yang paling hangin skali, when this 1 lady ni ( could be she's the one who on duty ) tried to help us la. calling here & there for checking. still tak ade. haku pun dah hangin. oh..the other invitees are; Irene, Michelle, Mee Sun & including Ida lah. kami dah hangin especially mommy Irene. hahaha. kehanginan bertambah when that lady (indian muslim, saw her name is binti Abdullah) told us there's no such name on reservation. she then advise us if we still want to go for eat, we can, but who will going to pay it. WTH??? she kept saying, who is the master of payment. hey, we're invitees and of coz we will not going to pay it, BUT we have money lah! don't treat us like shit. this stupid lady speak aloud and don't you feel embrassed, do u? we feel like menagih simpati (in the same time Irene keep calling this supplier and they were also telling us they had made a reservation!) then we moved. we should stand away from that coffee house, ape punya org berlagak nak mampus. then we planned to complain to one of this lady, like key account manager (actually the asst director of sales ) yang always manage for our company. so she should know better. so when we met that asst director, she tried to help us friendly and we also told her what had happened just now. huh! padan muka, puas ati. then she seemed really put some effort to call everyone and comfort us yang tgh hangin+malu ni. then luckily one of the team of supplier came and told this lady the truth. oh, finally everything solved. this guy cakap that they have booked about 20 persons and just bring them up (kami lah tu). so kami pun with happy join the tv9 ke hape tah pnya ramadhan pnya buffet. phew!~ ms tu sume org dh start makan & i saw at one part of that ballroom tu they make some space for guy to perform prayer. bagus ek. i don't think all hotel do the same thing. aritu pergi pun mcm kene gi surau (yelah semua hotel pun ade surau). but then yang ni, tgh kite nak amik food, leh dgr diorg ni berjemaah dgn imam baca kuat..huhu terharu. well, i can't..good excuse huh?
ok lah..kegeraman pada the first lady masih tidak boleh dilupakan. masa dah sudah makan, we met her again dari jauh.especially all my chinese friend feel dimalukan seolah2 org tak berduit. iskkk tak paham org blagak mcm tu!
so conclusion, nasib baik all the food are superb! i would rate them 4 over 5.thumbs up!

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