September 24, 2008

mood raya

since there's 1 week we will celebrate Hari Raya. why not we make this mood more exciting in counting days of celebrating with families. Hari Raya would not completed without kuih raya, preparing of buy a new things like baju raya, kasut raya, langsir raya, new furniture (some are changing it too, up to their budget, right?). so the mood of hari raya normally started from the mid of the month of Ramadhan where most of muslim will start doing their new-stuff-hunting. weeeeee..but my case, i have no time to think of this kind of preparation. pity me. just bcos i have another BIG occasion that i should consider for first. hahaha. well, talking about mood of hari raya, although i don't really do preparation for this time being, but i still have the mood when it comes to lagu raya. wooo its really touch my feeling u know ;P. i don't know why, maybe it just because we become more older which we more appreciate what hari raya is. especially without your loved ones. really..i cried when i heard few lagu raya play on air ;( selected song only ya ;P ok, if we talking about hari raya song, don't you think the oldies version is much touching. or maybe i am? for example Selamat Hari Raya song by Allahyarham Saloma, Satu Hari di Hari Raya by M.Nasir, Kepulangan Yang Dinanti by Aman Shah..just name a few. its really touch my feeling when i layan jiwang sensorang. ahaks! ok2, so what do u think? or do u have different opinion? hmm ok la, i'm about to find kesemua lagu2 kegemaran di hari raya tu untuk diperdengarkan di hari perkahwinan ku. boleh ke? muahahahha.
by anyway, why not spend some time to vote which song that you prefered the most. just to see, whether we have a same taste ;P

we add another poll for the hari raya songs ;P

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