September 12, 2008

Breaking fast @ JWM

we were off from office at 5pm sharp!! but but..we only arrived there about 6.30pm. dang! guess where we have been in the 1.5hours?? where. we ( ida, me & fyza) just make a round(s) of bandar kuala lumpur terindah ni. hahahah! well, we only know why and what it had happened yesterday!

okla, i had a gr8 time yesterday with Fuji Xerox for the Ramadhan buffet, thanks for the invitation! and also have fun with those gile-gile friends.

This is door gift that i received together with lucky draw. well, dengki dengan fyza as she got a croc's voucher!! damn jealous..hahaha . all the while, she always be lucky!

these are food (s) that we telan yesterday. the cheesecake with fruits top is yummy! serious..

actually pic(s) should be taken before this part ( as we finished a set of rice and lauk pauk)

before went off and otw to car park (sampai sesat-sesat)

the end..

hari ni punya plan plak break fast at The Saujana, Subang..wait for the next entry..another coupon i received is from equatorial.itu anytime during Ramadhan and can ask En Tunang bersama2. Can't wait!

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