August 29, 2008

Siemens Dinner and Dance Day (SDDD)

We are closing to the year end. As usual practise, there's an annual activities will be arranged by our management ( not really management, but our corporate communication la..). The activities will be alternate, like if last year we have spent on Team Building ( my team went to Karambunai Resort, Sabah ) this year, surely we will having an Annual Dinner that will be held in one of the corporate hotel in Malaysia ( heard that in Mandarin, erkk ). In the very same time, we also will having a Siemens Day in the same day. Its not neccessary to arrange on the same day tho, but well..its only alternative of our management la to cut a cost. In a way to safe cost for this year, so business will only shut down for the same day. Like yesteryears, Siemens Day were happened on the morning ( everyone has to come ) which not in the same day of Annual Dinner. Doesn't matter, as long as cost has been allocated early of the must be occured whatever it would be happened in the year. VSS ke, bonus sikit ke..eheheheh! makan tetap makan. huhuhu. dah allocate ma, cannot touch what..:P

Speaking about preparation of the annual dinner, everyone had asking among themselves on what is theme are they planning to apply of. Well, we are waiting for the email that send out by CC!

The day that we were waiting for is coming!
Wow, its really made us suprised! No, its not direct theme that we should follow of. Yes, true! Its a must to vote them!Email was sent out on the last tuesday ( err..yes ar? ). lupe, around this week la. then we are starting to pick it up and discuss among ourselves, which one is better. Of course we're in the same line where the options given are not really has the most-same-criteria. That would help us to make a decision. After voted, all of us waiting for results to come out.

Anyway, let me share with you. what we have in hand to choose..
Arabian Fantasia
Enclaved in the mystery of the dark desserts, Arabian Night Fantasia promises you a celebration full of hypnotic surprises. Indulge in the rich tapestry of entertainment and feast your every sense with the finest Arabic setting, with no room for anything less than drama! Siemens’ very own “Agraba” town will light up with a swirl of beats, trickery, magic and illusions that will lift the party above ground.

too sexy i guess and of course i don't have much choices to wear..huhu

Caribbean Sunset
When was the last time you had a sip of pina colada while watching the sun set at the endless coastal beach? Let your worries fly with the wind as we party down in the sunniest of outfits to match the laid back evening of 28th November!

tooo simple!
Masquerade Mania

Don’t know what to wear? Who cares? They won’t recognize you anyway! It’s a razzle-dazzle party with a psychedelic setting of beauty at its best – in mystery. Here is your chance to dress up and conceal your identity for one magical night of gathering and festivities.

This is most interesting!
The moment we have been anticipating is finally here..huhuhu. Well, as expected, what we have voted is getting a high % of votes. yipeee!!!!!! The results have been tallied and the decision has been made based on the 288 votes they have received - the winning theme for Siemens Dinner and Dance 2008 is MASQUERADE MANIA!
Sukenyeeeee...tapi, don't toooo happy ye cik. Have you think about what to wear and where to get those accessories?? dushhh! this would be one of headache that i will get in a months to come moreover of my wedding preparation. *sigh*

In the mean time, its time to start hunting for that perfect mask! let's start now..

* remarks : our annual dinner will be 2 days after my birthday and 4 days after Eve's Bday then. *roll eyes*. ape kene mengena ek?

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