August 21, 2008

morning uolss

first of all, i have no idea what to jot down here. ya lah, as promised this blog was dedicated to something that i would share with others. if personally can't be disclosed, how should i write, rite? errmmm..

ok, just share something happened these few days lah ye. not really suprise, astonish or whatsoever issue here. just a bit story to share with lah. remember last monday i went out with my fiance? on the way to Muara, his mom did called me. haha! he just sitted beside me in silent while i'm talking to his mom. His mom asked about him, asked about myself and stuff- preparation stories both sides. actually, on that weekend, we were bergaduh kecil-kecilan-menjadi-besar. hihihihi. so i did tell his mom everything. usshhh, don't get me wrong. i just tell her the truth where she should know the situation what had happened. ok, that's why his mom called me the other day. but i told her, everything is ok. he's in my hand - muahahahahhaa.

and what happened yesterday. his mom call him pulak dah. and membebel to him about his attitude in treating me that way. muahahahaha. lawak je, i pulak duk sengap. and heard that he just replied.hmmm, ye.., tau, OK.. wakakakkaka, padan muka! kene marah la kot :P

anyway dear, i don't meant to be minah-pot. i just think that she's the best place & person for me to go halves everything especially about you. and she also agreed that if i have a problem with you, i must tell her in term of sharing. that's gr8 about her. trust me.

that's all about this week. weheee..

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