August 19, 2008

lama tak update


Its Ong-esh number right? hehehehe.
Its his birthday. Born in 1981. Means, 18.08.81. wah, so cun isn't it. ada ong orang cakap.
So it just went as usual. Nothing special more than thought :)
I just treated him seafood at Muara Ikan Bakar, Tg Harapan. hahaha! I've no budget actually, especially our wedding is around the corner. errr..around the corner???!
So, my planned was just treat him nice food and give him card. I think its good enuf as i really2 sesak this month. Sorry ye sayang. I really did my best. Anyhow, i hope u enjoyed the food yesterday very much! muaahhh! Present tu nanti lah dulu ek, if i got extra budget, i will try find for you. Of course the one that you loves to the bits!

Anyway my love, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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