August 26, 2008

Health Screening

Have you done on your yearly health screening?

As a practise from our Corporate Human Resource, they have organized the Health Awareness Campaign programme for all employees for every year. I could say for the last 6 months, we had the same campaign held at our Reception area. Well, how time flies. I feel like i just went for the test last few months ( ya, maybe 6 months ago ). During that time, my blood pressure is quite high which out of the normal range as a reason i took a cup of coffee that morning ( excuses pls..). As commended, we should fast for the last 8 hours before doing the health screening i.e. Blood Pressure, Sugar and cholesterol level.

This programme has been announced on the 13th August to all employees and everyone has to do RSVP in order to get a list of employee who will join the activites. Nevertheless, i'm the one who considered as VIP always forgot bz to make RSVP for all the invitation (except for our annual dinner, ahaks! ) received. No, no..i might overlooked to those mails, since i way have a loooottts of email to read per day. Its about 60 mail per day i could concluded which i always giving priority to read emails from; my boss, initiate my name in the 'to' field. hehehehe..ridiculous reasons is there. =P. Anyhow, i still give my time to attend this programme as after one of my colleague keep asking me whether i want to go or la ye la, i know la i'm fat and u thin & slim. i just went down around 10.30am. hmm..its quite a lot of people concern about their health, i'm proud of it as part of them. hahah. as i said, as being busy (konon) people..i have to write down my own name. ye lah, sape suruh tak RSVP kan. kene perli baik punyeee...
There's a few activities provides by some health bodies. The activities are :
Anlene Bone Health Check - Finally got it, excellent!Blood Cholesterol, Sugar, Pressure Check By Damansara Specialist KPJ Group Done successfully!
Eye Test Yah, Thank God i have a pair of great eye. :)
Health Talk – Topic on Cholesterol and Heart Related Conditions Yes, i listened it. Interesting ya?
Free Demonstration of Yoga for Healthy Body, Mind & Soul
- ermm..i watched it around 3.30pm. good!
and also some not in the list given..
Fat analysis from Instructors of Momentum Gym Too bad, got high rate of fat%!
Ears check up.. Great! I can hear people sigh! hihihihi
When talking about this health checking, firstly i have to queue up for the Blood Cholesterol, Sugar, Pressure Check arranged by Damansara Specialist KPJ Group . Well, i've went through all these quite in good rate. But but..don't satisfied too early ya. :P By the way, the results you can see in the pix shown as below.
My Results :
Blood pressure : 116/77mmHg ,
Blood Sugar : 4.9mmol/L ,
Blood Cholesterol : 4.65mmol/L
References for Normal Rate :
Blood Pressure : 110 - 120 / 60 - 80 mm/Hg
Blood Sugar : 4-10 mmol/L
Blood Cholesterol : Below 5.2 mmol/L
click on pix to expand it ( if you insist to look further)
hehehe..i'm who happy with the results going to gym area to check on the analysis of your my fat. They have bring their instructor along in a way to advise us on these and that. So when i do the analysis,my turn went like..
weit gemoks nye ko nana ( heard on other side ),
gosh..your fat is quite high dear ( heard from trainer on the other hand)..
(oh God, i'm fat :(.)
no, no..your weight is ideal but only your % of fat is high ( the other instructor convince me )
(how high you mean? ).
well, this is reality that i have to accept it. i might not looked fat figurely, but i've hidden part of fat that people won't see. hahahahhaah...
i have to work out for my wedding!

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