August 23, 2008

After a week pending

Requesting a card is one of challenging part. From day 1 searching for the design, until now card still in the process of artwork. not to say that they have purposely made the delayed, but from the day i had filled in up the form, it was taking about 2 weeks to confirm on quotation-payment-artwork. anyhow, i will not blaming them tho, because.. till to date, i have not forward our house-map to them yet! dang!!!!! no-no..i'm not forgoting it or trying to ignore it. it just because of, i have to take some time to think few routes that we were used to use it. but not to say our short-cut way. huhu. that's must be crazy. so i have to draw roughly and imagine that i'm the one who first time arrived in Seremban. hihihihi...

It's quite tough to be a good drawer. well..its turn out to be like pro :P. look at my hand lah, ehhh..hand eh?

here's the result. soo...i should forward to them very shortlyyyyyy. pandai pulak aku melukis ( sambil menggaruk2 kepala).

do you think that people can understand my drawing?

Updated! 25th August 2008
He not satisfied with my drawing on his side. Cesss! I did tell him on last last night if he would agree with my sketch. huhuhu. His opinion was like ;
Him : Na call jap ( since i'm using co.'s line ) and i was at mom's house.
Me : Hello Darl..
Him : Ape punya map siap ada 90 darjah pusing ni na ( hahahahahaha ). he laughed! dah la na missed most important benchmark! traffic lite somemore..most important tu. abg gi umah org kira traffic lite tau..
Me : ler betol pe tuh. di muka bumi mmg la nmpk lurus je, tp dh bertembung tu mcm membelok. :P
Him : Takpe la, tunggu abg bagi esok. amik dr khidir ke..alang nye dulu ke.
Then finally i found his neighbour's old wedding turn to be like this. simple and understandable!

phew!~..finally artwork are confirmed today. what a long processes for only a..card?

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