August 29, 2008

Siemens Dinner and Dance Day (SDDD)

We are closing to the year end. As usual practise, there's an annual activities will be arranged by our management ( not really management, but our corporate communication la..). The activities will be alternate, like if last year we have spent on Team Building ( my team went to Karambunai Resort, Sabah ) this year, surely we will having an Annual Dinner that will be held in one of the corporate hotel in Malaysia ( heard that in Mandarin, erkk ). In the very same time, we also will having a Siemens Day in the same day. Its not neccessary to arrange on the same day tho, but well..its only alternative of our management la to cut a cost. In a way to safe cost for this year, so business will only shut down for the same day. Like yesteryears, Siemens Day were happened on the morning ( everyone has to come ) which not in the same day of Annual Dinner. Doesn't matter, as long as cost has been allocated early of the must be occured whatever it would be happened in the year. VSS ke, bonus sikit ke..eheheheh! makan tetap makan. huhuhu. dah allocate ma, cannot touch what..:P

Speaking about preparation of the annual dinner, everyone had asking among themselves on what is theme are they planning to apply of. Well, we are waiting for the email that send out by CC!

The day that we were waiting for is coming!
Wow, its really made us suprised! No, its not direct theme that we should follow of. Yes, true! Its a must to vote them!Email was sent out on the last tuesday ( err..yes ar? ). lupe, around this week la. then we are starting to pick it up and discuss among ourselves, which one is better. Of course we're in the same line where the options given are not really has the most-same-criteria. That would help us to make a decision. After voted, all of us waiting for results to come out.

Anyway, let me share with you. what we have in hand to choose..
Arabian Fantasia
Enclaved in the mystery of the dark desserts, Arabian Night Fantasia promises you a celebration full of hypnotic surprises. Indulge in the rich tapestry of entertainment and feast your every sense with the finest Arabic setting, with no room for anything less than drama! Siemens’ very own “Agraba” town will light up with a swirl of beats, trickery, magic and illusions that will lift the party above ground.

too sexy i guess and of course i don't have much choices to wear..huhu

Caribbean Sunset
When was the last time you had a sip of pina colada while watching the sun set at the endless coastal beach? Let your worries fly with the wind as we party down in the sunniest of outfits to match the laid back evening of 28th November!

tooo simple!
Masquerade Mania

Don’t know what to wear? Who cares? They won’t recognize you anyway! It’s a razzle-dazzle party with a psychedelic setting of beauty at its best – in mystery. Here is your chance to dress up and conceal your identity for one magical night of gathering and festivities.

This is most interesting!
The moment we have been anticipating is finally here..huhuhu. Well, as expected, what we have voted is getting a high % of votes. yipeee!!!!!! The results have been tallied and the decision has been made based on the 288 votes they have received - the winning theme for Siemens Dinner and Dance 2008 is MASQUERADE MANIA!
Sukenyeeeee...tapi, don't toooo happy ye cik. Have you think about what to wear and where to get those accessories?? dushhh! this would be one of headache that i will get in a months to come moreover of my wedding preparation. *sigh*

In the mean time, its time to start hunting for that perfect mask! let's start now..

* remarks : our annual dinner will be 2 days after my birthday and 4 days after Eve's Bday then. *roll eyes*. ape kene mengena ek?

August 26, 2008

Health Screening

Have you done on your yearly health screening?

As a practise from our Corporate Human Resource, they have organized the Health Awareness Campaign programme for all employees for every year. I could say for the last 6 months, we had the same campaign held at our Reception area. Well, how time flies. I feel like i just went for the test last few months ( ya, maybe 6 months ago ). During that time, my blood pressure is quite high which out of the normal range as a reason i took a cup of coffee that morning ( excuses pls..). As commended, we should fast for the last 8 hours before doing the health screening i.e. Blood Pressure, Sugar and cholesterol level.

This programme has been announced on the 13th August to all employees and everyone has to do RSVP in order to get a list of employee who will join the activites. Nevertheless, i'm the one who considered as VIP always forgot bz to make RSVP for all the invitation (except for our annual dinner, ahaks! ) received. No, no..i might overlooked to those mails, since i way have a loooottts of email to read per day. Its about 60 mail per day i could concluded which i always giving priority to read emails from; my boss, initiate my name in the 'to' field. hehehehe..ridiculous reasons is there. =P. Anyhow, i still give my time to attend this programme as after one of my colleague keep asking me whether i want to go or la ye la, i know la i'm fat and u thin & slim. i just went down around 10.30am. hmm..its quite a lot of people concern about their health, i'm proud of it as part of them. hahah. as i said, as being busy (konon) people..i have to write down my own name. ye lah, sape suruh tak RSVP kan. kene perli baik punyeee...
There's a few activities provides by some health bodies. The activities are :
Anlene Bone Health Check - Finally got it, excellent!Blood Cholesterol, Sugar, Pressure Check By Damansara Specialist KPJ Group Done successfully!
Eye Test Yah, Thank God i have a pair of great eye. :)
Health Talk – Topic on Cholesterol and Heart Related Conditions Yes, i listened it. Interesting ya?
Free Demonstration of Yoga for Healthy Body, Mind & Soul
- ermm..i watched it around 3.30pm. good!
and also some not in the list given..
Fat analysis from Instructors of Momentum Gym Too bad, got high rate of fat%!
Ears check up.. Great! I can hear people sigh! hihihihi
When talking about this health checking, firstly i have to queue up for the Blood Cholesterol, Sugar, Pressure Check arranged by Damansara Specialist KPJ Group . Well, i've went through all these quite in good rate. But but..don't satisfied too early ya. :P By the way, the results you can see in the pix shown as below.
My Results :
Blood pressure : 116/77mmHg ,
Blood Sugar : 4.9mmol/L ,
Blood Cholesterol : 4.65mmol/L
References for Normal Rate :
Blood Pressure : 110 - 120 / 60 - 80 mm/Hg
Blood Sugar : 4-10 mmol/L
Blood Cholesterol : Below 5.2 mmol/L
click on pix to expand it ( if you insist to look further)
hehehe..i'm who happy with the results going to gym area to check on the analysis of your my fat. They have bring their instructor along in a way to advise us on these and that. So when i do the analysis,my turn went like..
weit gemoks nye ko nana ( heard on other side ),
gosh..your fat is quite high dear ( heard from trainer on the other hand)..
(oh God, i'm fat :(.)
no, no..your weight is ideal but only your % of fat is high ( the other instructor convince me )
(how high you mean? ).
well, this is reality that i have to accept it. i might not looked fat figurely, but i've hidden part of fat that people won't see. hahahahhaah...
i have to work out for my wedding!

August 25, 2008

utk rine merujuk..

special for rine..

rine, if anything ping akak k. just for you to refer.
sharing is caring ;)

August 23, 2008

After a week pending

Requesting a card is one of challenging part. From day 1 searching for the design, until now card still in the process of artwork. not to say that they have purposely made the delayed, but from the day i had filled in up the form, it was taking about 2 weeks to confirm on quotation-payment-artwork. anyhow, i will not blaming them tho, because.. till to date, i have not forward our house-map to them yet! dang!!!!! no-no..i'm not forgoting it or trying to ignore it. it just because of, i have to take some time to think few routes that we were used to use it. but not to say our short-cut way. huhu. that's must be crazy. so i have to draw roughly and imagine that i'm the one who first time arrived in Seremban. hihihihi...

It's quite tough to be a good drawer. well..its turn out to be like pro :P. look at my hand lah, ehhh..hand eh?

here's the result. soo...i should forward to them very shortlyyyyyy. pandai pulak aku melukis ( sambil menggaruk2 kepala).

do you think that people can understand my drawing?

Updated! 25th August 2008
He not satisfied with my drawing on his side. Cesss! I did tell him on last last night if he would agree with my sketch. huhuhu. His opinion was like ;
Him : Na call jap ( since i'm using co.'s line ) and i was at mom's house.
Me : Hello Darl..
Him : Ape punya map siap ada 90 darjah pusing ni na ( hahahahahaha ). he laughed! dah la na missed most important benchmark! traffic lite somemore..most important tu. abg gi umah org kira traffic lite tau..
Me : ler betol pe tuh. di muka bumi mmg la nmpk lurus je, tp dh bertembung tu mcm membelok. :P
Him : Takpe la, tunggu abg bagi esok. amik dr khidir ke..alang nye dulu ke.
Then finally i found his neighbour's old wedding turn to be like this. simple and understandable!

phew!~..finally artwork are confirmed today. what a long processes for only a..card?

August 21, 2008

morning uolss

first of all, i have no idea what to jot down here. ya lah, as promised this blog was dedicated to something that i would share with others. if personally can't be disclosed, how should i write, rite? errmmm..

ok, just share something happened these few days lah ye. not really suprise, astonish or whatsoever issue here. just a bit story to share with lah. remember last monday i went out with my fiance? on the way to Muara, his mom did called me. haha! he just sitted beside me in silent while i'm talking to his mom. His mom asked about him, asked about myself and stuff- preparation stories both sides. actually, on that weekend, we were bergaduh kecil-kecilan-menjadi-besar. hihihihi. so i did tell his mom everything. usshhh, don't get me wrong. i just tell her the truth where she should know the situation what had happened. ok, that's why his mom called me the other day. but i told her, everything is ok. he's in my hand - muahahahahhaa.

and what happened yesterday. his mom call him pulak dah. and membebel to him about his attitude in treating me that way. muahahahaha. lawak je, i pulak duk sengap. and heard that he just replied.hmmm, ye.., tau, OK.. wakakakkaka, padan muka! kene marah la kot :P

anyway dear, i don't meant to be minah-pot. i just think that she's the best place & person for me to go halves everything especially about you. and she also agreed that if i have a problem with you, i must tell her in term of sharing. that's gr8 about her. trust me.

that's all about this week. weheee..

August 19, 2008

lama tak update


Its Ong-esh number right? hehehehe.
Its his birthday. Born in 1981. Means, 18.08.81. wah, so cun isn't it. ada ong orang cakap.
So it just went as usual. Nothing special more than thought :)
I just treated him seafood at Muara Ikan Bakar, Tg Harapan. hahaha! I've no budget actually, especially our wedding is around the corner. errr..around the corner???!
So, my planned was just treat him nice food and give him card. I think its good enuf as i really2 sesak this month. Sorry ye sayang. I really did my best. Anyhow, i hope u enjoyed the food yesterday very much! muaahhh! Present tu nanti lah dulu ek, if i got extra budget, i will try find for you. Of course the one that you loves to the bits!

Anyway my love, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

August 16, 2008

damn you!


aku dpt rasa sape yang curi camera aku tu! aku rase aku tau, aku tau, aku tau!!!
errr, aku mmg la takleh kata 110% aku pasti, tp boleh di kata kan, 99% aku pasti dia!
aku geram sgt ni!ishhhh ramai tol pencuri perempuan skang ni! geramnyeeeeeeeeee..
nape ade gak org nk mencuri walhal muke sikitnye baik??
dulu gitu jugak, sorg budak rumah ni mencuri. dia gak nye keje.mula2 x tau dia nye keje wpn syak dia. tp last2 kantoi! bodoh. nama singkatan dia sue. ade 2 org sue yg mencuri. sorg blah, dpt ganti nama sue gak. skali pangai buruk gitu gak. nnt aku cari sape nama penuh dia, aku pn x pasti. sbb bile masuk umah tu, masing2 bg nama glamor la konon. yang peliknya, bile diorg ni muka pnya baik, perangai pun sikit nye muka pun cun tau. dh la kantoi ngn bf2 dia skali. leh taknak ngaku tu. skali blah pn gitu je. adoiii sakit jiwa betol.
tp pencuri terbaru ni aku tak dan tgk muka lg. sbb dia budak baru. masuk konon bulan 8 ni la. nama dia S*t* ___ Balq**s ke ape ke benda tah. yang buat aku teka dia, budak2 lain tu sume aku dh kenal bertahun, x penah 1 pun barang aku hilang ( kecuali si sue2 yang dh berambus tu, mmg x lama kenal, tp dh kantoi mencuri, then blah ). so yg lain2 sume ok la, wpn dh lama tggl kt umah tu. tp si nurul ni, time masuk umah angkut barang, takde sape kt umah. tp brg2 aku dlm plastik hitam yg aku letak kt hall ( penuh ngn kotak2 kasut yang berkasut, ade paper2 bag, ade beg2, ade camera dlm bag) hilang!! cemane leh hilang lak kalau xde org yg amik! puas aku tnya yg lelain, diorg ckp tak sentuh ape pun. diorg kata ade nmpk plastik tu. tp smpi kt nurul tu, dia ckp tak tau. bangkai!!! dh tu, plastik aku takde, tp barang2 dia angkat penuh kt hall tu ( amik alih tmpt aku lak! ).
nak dijadikan cerita, arini rumah tu kene pecah masuk dek org ( tp kes brg aku ilang ni last week tau, tanpa ada kesan pecah). kes pecah arini mmg betol2 tragik, pintu kene kopak ( dr segi condition nmpk la kesan kene pecah kan. tp pelik bin ajaib, grill umah tu elok je terkunci! seeee!!!tp iye lah, grill tu apa la sgt. boleh bukak gitu je kot. ni umah pintu sikit nye tebal pn leh kene pecah ni, pelik2!!!!dan nak ditambahkan cerita lagi ( ha tgk betapa kuar instint aku ni), bdk2 ni ( selain nurul) jumpa berkotak2 kasut kt ujung tgga belah umah aku berserta paper2 bag ( huh, dh tgerak hati ni). aku dh pk semacam..x silap aku, itu barang aku tuh. sebab, sehingat aku dan sepasti aku. plastik hitam yg aku ckp aku tggl kt hall tu. contentnye ialah : - kotak2 kasut aku berisi kasut, paper bag aku ( yg plg aku ingat ialah paper bag primavera ) dan ada bag2 yang dimana dalamnya ada camera! sah2 la dh kene rembat ni! budak2 ni cite lg (aku x de di tmpt kejadian), kotak2 n paper bag tu bersepah kt tepi dinding ujung tgga tu. haa..sape nye keje ni!dh tu, diorg suh aku sebut paper bag ape yang aku nye, bile aku sebut primavera, terus diorg ckp..haaa ye lah kakkkk!! pastu kotak kasut clark hijau aku..betol lah tu!! x syak lg.

yang buat aku tetap ckp si nurul ni yg perampok nye ialah :
- dia baru, tak penah kenal pn, baru dlm 2-3 hari masuk
- dia masuk je barang aku hilang
- aku try kontek dia sbb ms aku gi cr brg aku, nk tnya la tkot dia terambik kan. TAPI, dua2 hp dia not reachable! kata diorg, dia tukar no tepon plak dh!
- aku sent msg, smpi faileed...
- brg dia leh take place brg aku yg hilang!
- asal dia balik, dia akan masuk bilik terus, buat muke2 blur.
- ms ckp umah kene pecah masuk, dia leh kewlllll je. terus masuk bilik kunci pintu. haa!
- dia ckp, mgkn dia nk pndh kuar balik. haa apesal plak dh??!!
- cemane boleh plastik aku yg aku letak dlm umah, leh berjalan ada kaki smpi ke luar ujung tangga plak jd nye. sape lg klau takde org pjg tgn yang alihkan!

aku betol2 geram ngn org yang tak reti malu cmni. klau dh x reti malu sgt, meh aku nk malukan dia. tp x pe, kasi aku kumpul maklumat dulu. huh!!!

Updated! 16th August 2008
boleh ek baru pg ni dia ckp kt bebudak ni laptop dia hilang ( dlm nada yang x keciwa pun ). biase2 je ckp. releks n kewl. pastu leh kuar gitu. pdhl smlm ms balik lg dh ckp dh kt dia umah di pecah org. dia leh kewl tnya " ada brg ilang ke?" and terus masuk bilik. then nape pg td dlm kul10 baru ckp yg laptop dia hilang. PELIKKK!! aku betol2 x caya budak ni. aku akan teruskan siasatan..
Updated! 17th August 2008
She found my blog and warned me to delete her name in this blog. Ok, i will ( just removed certains words), but i won't remove this entry until i found the pencuri. huhu
to those who terasa pedas pls send me email directly if malu2 beruk ok.

August 15, 2008

the bad day ever!


there's nothing wrong with that. it just that, i've been tersepit in the middle of TWO main person. *sigh* i understand that both of them are important in my life, and i should not hurt them. unfortunately, i DID. why they don't communicate by themselves directly? why must me stand in between of them? and i have to deliver the message that might lead us quarrel. i HATE it! damn!

its not their fault tho, it just because of the stressing that you got from your surrounding. just that, nothing much. really, i believe them. at the end, tears are only frens that can accompany me for the rest of the day.i hope it will be fixed soonest possible. i'm sorry for being so bad to you.

August 13, 2008

mood aku melayang~~ entah ke mane..

entah ke mane tah mood aku pergi..
pagi2 sudah hilang lenyapkan diri. malas bekerja, malas bangun pagi ( jgn diikut, ok?), malas mandi (tak boleh ni, mandi gak :P), malas makan ? ( ini tak mungkin, tgk perut tuh..hiks).

otak aku pergi memikirkan masalah yang tak selesai lg. wedding ni la, ape lg. sape yang nak kawin skang ni woi. aku kan? then apesal lengah lg, ms berlari pantas dek non oiii!hmm, jap lg ade meeting psl restructuring, malas betol ( malas lg).
oh, aku ade cite sedih. cameraku hilang. misplaced or tah, i cannot recall at all what happened on last time i did pack my things. :( :( i missed my first camera..maybe i should start hunting for new camera. i want something like this boleh?



sape nak bagi aku as wedding present? ahaks!

although fren of mine did suggested to get the olympus camera brand, i still do prefer this canon brand. my precious previous camera was a sony and i learnt from that where i did buy the latest model by that time. and seemed like latest would not bring you anywhere when the technology changed fast. i regret but in the very same time i loved it so much! i missed my camera very much. :(

August 11, 2008

aku suka takotkan diri sendiri!

nah, hambik ko! lagi ... to go..
ha, tau takot. padan muka!

- kursus kahwin
- wedding card

- door gift( some )
- booked andaman
- booked caterer
- wedding gift
- bought gold
- HIV test
- cari bridemaid :)
- tempah langsir

not done yet :(
- baju nikah ( craziness woi!!!!!!!!!, will do it this week.hopefully they still can accept -pray hard-) finally DONE!
- photographer ( in the midst of hunting one )
- kompang ( will decide by my mom later )
- bunga telur ( on the way, hihihi)

- jumpa imam kawasan ( hopefully by this month)
- submit borang nikah/dpt kebenaran ( once jumpa imam and get his signature)

frens plss..remind me whats missed in the list!!

August 10, 2008

preparation on other side

I was in my mom's today. and online also from her place, now. actually, we went back hometown on last nite. he was not really in feeling well. he got diarhea and stomach ache since in the morning. do not know why and what's wrong with him or what he had on last nite. ohh..we had our dinner at nasi lemak in Paramount. mungkin disebabkan itu ke? As he also had nasi tambah and additional sambal for second cup of rice. hmm pity him as he cannot take any food or drink as caused him vomitted. sampai ke malam duh. boleh kurus cmni..heheheh. i asked him to go to clinic but he refused to do so. degil plak tu. that's why we all gerak lewat malam bcos ingat takmo balik dh. then sampai pun dh lewat gitew. sampai umah borak2 with my mom about wedding preparation. i saw some wedding favor on the table. wah kreatip! hihihi..she did few set first and left some on the other side. hmm okie. tp mcm tak cukup je mak?

me : bape ni mak?
mak : alah, dalam 60 je.
me : huh?! sikit nye!
mak : ye lah, itu utk org belah lelaki.
me : ohhhh..ingat utk org ramai (hehehehe..). dah tu, kwn adik nye camne
mak : ko beli lah lain..
me : (pening sambil berfikir2)..mane nak ragau lg, ade lg tak kalau nak order. lg 2 bln ni. adoii!
mak : dah takde, itu je tinggal.

so arini, pagi2 lepas breakfast aku dgn baik hati (jarang berlaku ni, hihi). offer diri nak sudahkan door gift utk org lelaki tu. i help to finish as mom told me that she can't do it alone. and she also think that my sis-in-law will come to give some help. unfortunately, she was came once. why she (mom) rely on my SIL, just bcos SIL yang sponsored some of the stuff. konon la. ah takpe la mak, i can do what. hihihi. here are some pic taken during preparation and completed version. :)

tgh tu bunga pahar/telur yg i try buat sendiri..hihihi
last entry ada cite psl bunga telur yang konon nk buat sendiri. tu yg tunjuk tu, hiihi. enjoy!

* ada ke yg nak tempah? hahahaha

August 6, 2008

23.07 p.m

still awake.
not sleepy yet.
but have to sleep before 12.
because have to wake up early in the morning.
about 6 a.m.
arghh, till we meet again.
maybe tomorrow morning.
continue writing...
good nite

August 5, 2008

Photographer wanted

wah gitu! yes, i'm looking a photographer DESPERATELY now! budget, not that much. As nowadays everything must be cut!hehehehe.

ha, mane nak cari ha? i've tried search in the net, yes memang banyak. but tak jumpa yang reasonable in great job! hahaha so demand huh? :p harus la.

so tak pe, ada masa lagi. about 2 months & 6 days to go..cayok cayok!

urmmm..tapi nak kasi idea la on details required :

date : 11th October 2008 ( bride side )
location : Seremban
Solemnization & Reception @ home in the same day.

get your quotation send direct to my mail now!

Thanks uols!

di pagi hari yang mengantuk

keh keh keh..

perghhh awal gile aku sampai arini! dah ler awal sampai, awal bangun, awal mandi, awal terjaga, awal gosok baju ( awal ke kalau gosok pepagi bkn malam ), awal gerak dr rumah, segala2nya awal lah! ..perghh bangga kejap sambil kembang2 idong.

kebanggaan di atas berlaku sebab selama ni aku gerak dr umah dlm kul8 - 830, opssss! so leh sampai opis dlm kul 8.40-9.15 ..huhuhu. pedulik ape aku kan, co. bapak aku hape. harharharhar (gelak buat2).
tapi hari ini aku telah gerak dr rumah kul 7! gile nak mampus..sampai2 opis dalam kul 7.25 gitew, dah la tu, silap masuk exit. gi masuk kut KL lak, kene la u-turn semula. haram jek.

alamak sakit perut, gerak dulu!

*americanexpress card aku dh menunjukkan tanda2 nak mengutip uwang, claim pn dah masuk smlm. so harus lah bayar arini!

August 2, 2008

busy weekend

teka lokasi saya sekarang. hihihi..
urrmmm..kat mane lg, kt opis, mcm la org tau ek. bosan la, takde org pun dtg arini. bajet ade la kawan, kut2 BB ke, Ida ke..hampeh! aku dtg pun bukan kehendak aku sgt. smlm kununs nk balik awal la ( on time you! ). so bile nk balik awal, terpakse la kerja menjadi ketangguhan. huhuhuh. dah la smlm dpt email dr CF ckp suh rectify kan pasal vendor haram tu. huh! budus betol. time ni la nak bg, pastu bg last minutes notice, nak not later than 10a.m Monday. Auditor nak present depan CFO by Tuesday. dah tentu la aku kene siapkan Friday tu gak. tak dapat siapkan, gamaknye dtg Saturday la (ye lah, arini ha). Actually minggu ni mggu compliance. Diorg dtg jenguk tak silap haku. tp pelik bin ajaib nye, si S & E tu leh lak cuti. taknak lak standby pape. hantu betol! opss.. dah sah2 la pale2 yang tinggal kene jawab kalau ade ape2 issue. aduyaii!!
So smlm tinggal beberapa bijik org je dlm opis. huh, tikus ape lg, kuar dr sarang la berlari-larian dlm opis. kekekeke ! takde lah, cume suara/ketawa tu, boleh la nk didengar sampai ke dept sebelah. kalau idak tu , bak kata kak faridah, angkat kepala pun takot! hahahahaha..bodoh je kan.
takot? takot ke aku? :P takde la takot sgt. hormat kot. err ye ke? :P ish ada ke..just malas nk kene tnya itu ini je. kang kalau pandang dia kang, angkat je pale sikit kang, time tuu la dia nk tnya itu ini. "Mizcpla, have you done your XXXX? " errr...haa tau takot..laa takot ker? idok ler. tak terkejar sume nak buat dlm 1 masa. sume nak skang, aku cepuk kang!
Ok la, aku nak siap kan PO ni, then nk balik. jap gi hubby-to-be nak dtg hambik gi *kenduri..yehaaaaaaa!
*kantoi la diet aku kali ni, ah lupe kan.