July 31, 2008

wedding invitation

wedding invitation? how can i invited all of my frens if the invitation cards are not ready yet!LOL

i'm still in the midst of searching a best (for me in term of price+quality+kemampuan) place to prepare my wedding card :). Ok, ok..i know that its quite late now since i only have 2 months & 1 week to prepare the cards, give out to others in a month! and imagine that my wedding is on Hari Raya which it happened a month after Ramadhan - yes puasa ouls!!

alah, Ramadhan tahu2 aje lah kan kita ni. we only have limited time in 1 day. malam Tarawikh and siang letih puasa. So when is the best time to distribute to other people? hmm, good question. i think, a month before puasa is the best time ever..hehehehhe

there are few websites that i searched out for wedding card invitation.

http://www.kadlawo.com/ - i think they provides best rate for certain cards. but some are not reasonable, eventhough i was eyeing one of the card...

http://www.lh-creative.com/ - diorg ni mcm femes je aku rase, sbb byk kad dr diorg kalau aku belek2 kt belakang kad. hmm aku dh browse out web dia, tak menarik sangat. harga pun quite pricey. design? hmm no comment lah.

http://www.kadkahwin.com.my/ - aku rasa yang ni semua org ramai tau kot. diorg ni femes, selalu je aku tgk iklan dlm mag, buat exhibition. harga kad boleh tahan, a lot of choices, design mcm biasa lah - not-too-old-fashion. :)

entah lah, aku kene buat solat istikharah ni mane 1 nak pilih..hihihi..maklum lah, bajet idak lah besor. kad ni pun kalau glem sgt nanti. org pun pas tgk pastu buang. aduyaiii!! ( pinjam ayat nabil sat).


I found another website too, for wedding invitation card. err actually not me accidently found, but my fren. she purposely browsed it out i guess and excitedly informed me that there's so-chomel-card in this web. she gave me a link and i have a look. yah, i should agree with her. All the design so cool, cute, simple, whatsoever..hehehe. Maybe i should start to order from them as soon as possible. Thanks Fyza!!

here you can find those cute cards ;) http://thekadkahwin.com/

bumped into another webss as well...


Thanks to Norhafiza Baharom who recommended and help to do research on behalf of me *wink*

**i've decided my wedding card

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