July 21, 2008

wedding favor

do u have any ideas? at least that i could produce by myself or..u have ideas that u could deliver to, and do it for me :P. ok ape? jam skang tepat 7.57 pm, masih berada di ofis. menular di alam maya sekejap mencari idea utk wedding favor. the purposes of that because, my sis called me jussst now to confirm on the type of favor that i insist of. she wanted to buy tho, but in the same time, mother of mine got another taste of hers. pity her. duit dia but other people got involved. yes, the other side we cannot blame tho, she's my mom, she spent a lot of money too. kesian jugak ( tp boleh tahan taste org tua neh!). so i do informed her ( sis) to put on hold of chosing type of favor first. it just because i would prefer to do myself ( lagi) or spending time looking at other choices out there (especially via net lah ). takde masa dh dowhh.

so apa kata bagi idea yg simple lagi menjimatkan. since there's another 2mts+ left for my BIG day!count pls...so i do not have so much time to think about it. sekarang baru gelabah bile pk rupenye banyak lagi tak buat. adus. mati ler. kesian my sis and mom too.

* apa kata, mintak duit dr sis to spend the cost of doing the gifts by my own :P

yesterday i made my bunga telur a.k.a bunga pahar by myself (jugak). tp tah la, some ppl said that's ok. but some said i must re-decorate. tah la. penat gak rupenye buat bende alah ni. later i upload and show you how i produced my product. ahaks! mane tau someone wanted to order from me. yes, u r pls to do so. :P. mcm professional je ek. padahal baru test skill skali. but, it looks like i'm pro now! - applause-

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