July 1, 2008

Plan your leave..

Today we've received one email from our HR team to remind about our annual leave. The email sounds like this :

Dear Colleagues,

We have already completed the 2nd Quarter of the calendar year 2008. We are very sure that each and every one of us are very busy and even more with the current changes. However, we would like to take the time to give a gentle “Reminder” to plan your Annual leaves accordingly.

As you would remember, we have previously allowed few rounds of exceptional carry forward leaves but moving forward we do not wish to practice such unhealthy work life balance and would emphasize that having a day or few days off from work would help to boost your thinking and allow you to be more focused in work when the mind is more relaxed.

Please read this short article on”The Importance of Rest in Our Life”

Thank you and take time to sit back and relax to free our mind."
And below is the article that they attached together for our awareness:

The Importance of Rest In our Life

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There are times during the day when you need to rest. Rest is a short period of relaxation that the body needs after a tiring activity. It relieves the body and the mind of the feeling of tiredness.
You get tired when you work hard because the oxygen and food that give energy to your body are being used up. Thus, your body needs to slow down so that it can regain the energy it lost. The amount of the time needed for you to rest depends on how much energy you spent on a particular activity. At school you are given a few minutes to rest during recess. A the office you are allowed for a coffee break. At home, you can rest simply sitting down or lying around. You can also watch television, listen to music, read a book or even sleep.
Sleep is an important form of rest. It prepares your body for the coming day. Your body also repairs itself when you are asleep. Lack of sleep can affect yous growth as well as your immune system which keeps you from getting sick
After a tiring day reward yourself with some rest and have time to sleep. Just make sure you balance your time for work and time to relax.

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