July 23, 2008

pix during the training

There's some pixs taken during our last day in Siemens Bangkok. let's pix do a talk.
A nice view again taken by Nicholas with his great camera, i guess :)

Us during our lunch with Consultant *gulp*

Free pose *wink*

Candid for Consultant, Nishant ( Siamese but his Parents is Indian ), Allan Nieva ( Filipinos but worked in Bangkok ) and one of participant from Pakistan..err Muhammad Noman if i'm not forgotten:P

Siemens Bangkok Office


L-R (Back) : Eric (S'pore),Ken (Japan), Denise (M'sia), Noman (Pakistan), Ms Kwan (consultant of Bangkok), Nishant (IT Exec of Bangkok), Allan (err..forgot), Nicholas (M'sia). L-R (Front) : Me, Annetter (M'sia), Mun Wei (M'sia)

Thanks Nicholas, for all the great pics!

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