July 1, 2008

mixed story during the weekend

There were activities that we have done on last weekend. For the first part pictures, they were my new house - low cost apartment in Seremban 2 that i'm gonna rent to the others. So last weekend was the last finishing that we have had completed:- pasang langsir, wiring i.e installed Fan, air-cond, grill have not completed yet - could be by this week, bought the sitter and small cabinet. hehehe..
My apartment is in 2nd floor with 3 rooms and 1 bathroom located in Garden Avenue in Seremban 2. I've bought it last 2 years for my first asset during my first job. I'm proud of it eventhough it was just a small house. huhu. I will not rent it for high rate as it was located in Seremban; as with RM400, everyone can afford to stay in 1 storey terrace, believe me! hihi..ok la tu, as long as can covered my bank loan, itu sudah bagus!
So let's picture do a talk!
View from masterbed room

Kitchen with small cabinet

Main hall with simple 2 seater
Besides doing the finishing for the house, we also pergi jalan2 ke Jusco Seremban 2 ( which is near to my house-to-rent tu..ihihi)..ini sebelum we went back to KL. jalan2 pergi bayar my CC, pergi byr duit rumah, pergi convert prepaid number to be billed and last but not least, pergi beli ini donut. hehehehe..yummyyy!
Apple Donut in Jusco Seremban

See someone there, hihihi..
* letih la nak balik ha..

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