July 18, 2008


loved. doing something that we loves about. i'm still looking something that i loves to do. apparently, i know. deep into my heart, i realised that i luv something freedom in term on earn money :p. yess, i loved doing business. but, what type of business? ummm.. i'm still looking for one. it just matter of time & m.o.n.e.y =). the most type of business that i luvvss is - online-business. i have one, started since 2007. i do not know where's the mistakes, my business being slow recently ( since march 2008 ). could be, i did changed my role, that's why with the limited of time i have not had enuf time to run it properly. imagine it, i've to sit in front of my ofis pc and doing the my business in the same time. quite difficult compared on the last time. because i have a lot of time to surfed around *syhhh*, packed all the stuff and replying all those emails..and and..promoting my blog. haha. that was a challeging part. doing by my own everyday and every nite. so sekarang tak mcm dulu. everyday pun bz, balik pun dh lambat, dah letih nak online. semua tak sempat :(. tak pe, kalau dh kawin nanti boleh lah mulakan balik. masa tu mungkin cuba suruh husband bantu :P.

so far, the only things that i have in my blog are BATIKs. itu pun nak let go because of no time to promote. kesian.=(

sample of batik :)

the END

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