July 15, 2008

Land of Smiles :)

I've been away from work about 1 week. It's nice, nice for my mind :)
So, where i've been last week? i've been to Land of Smiles for the training-and-vacation purposes in 1 week. hehehehe..So here i have some photos to share with.

I have booked a tix from our internal agent (Mayflower) on a few weeks before we were instructed to attend this training. So i was chosen to be departed on 6-July at 3.15 pm, Sunday. I have a lot of story to share ni, sampai tak tau nak mule yang mane, huhu. I had arrived in Amari Atrium Hotel at 6.00pm ( Bangkok time ).Dah la letih, wanna sms my en. tunang la kunun, but my phone got no coverage pulak. pulak dh. pelik. on-off banyak kali pun tak dpt.*sigh*. then after check-in, i've no choice with make a calls using the phone in my room *rolling eyes*. ape tak nye, i have to inform him that i already arrived here safely and i want to tell him that my luggage bag was locked. yah, of course la locked, but what i mean was, it was suddenly locked with wrong code *confused*. Pening dengan instruction by him - suruh try n error ( i was thinking, uish cemane tu..). so i have to let it be and tried to call my fren to proceed for our next plan. She was travelled with different Aircraft and i guess she already arrived earlier than us. OK. so that nite we were going somewhere around - mcm Robinson la ( tapi lain gile dr Malaysia punya, tak mcm Robinson pn, mcm Jusco Malaysia je :P ). So jalan2 mcm plan nk find another luggage bag, but couldn't find in good price+looks :). So we went for dinner ( eventho i was not intend to eat there ) that i could eat - halal. Susah gile kan? So i chose Seafood Macaroni at local pizza restaurant. Tawakal je lah *worried*.

My first dished in Bangkok at Robinson - Macaroni Seafood
Ok, lupe nak cakap, we stayed alone in each room ( king bed size room booked by my fren ). Most of colleague said, "takotnya tido sorg". tah la, nk ckp takot, jgn la pk bukan2 kan? takot ke? no comment lah. balik bilik just pk nk tido je or tgk tv, itu je. ape lg nk pk kan? my room is face building+river (busuk)..haha. there was a speed-boat that 1 of alternative public transport in Thailand. I don't think i should try one - my colleague told me its quite scared to ride it *worried*.

Speed-boat view from my room
Our office - Siemens Bangkok - is not far tho. Everymorning we have to take a shuttle that provides by hotel and we have to book earlier to bring us to the office. This hotel had given us the best rate for Siemens Staff Worldwide, that's why everytime when they had having a training/seminar/business trip, this hotel will be the best chosen of hotel.haha! So before we go to the office, we took breakfast served by hotel - ok lah yang ni, aku hentam nasi grg je or some fruits and bread je pepagi. Tapi every morning pn served food yang sama, boring sungguh. Our training held in Siemens office for 5 days and end of the day we have to sit for the examination. adus, laziness. So could you imagine that how am i going for shop if everyday i will have to attend the training from 9am to 5pm while most of the shop in Bangkok will close around 8-9pm. Crazy tak?

Siemens Office was located in New Petchburi Rd which is in the same road with Amari Atrium Hotel. The view from training room also quite nice which in the middle of the straight river.

View from the training room
We went to Suanlum Night Bazaar on the next day by shuttle as well as booking on the day before we went for the training. Ok lah tu dari tak pergi memane, dpt pegi free dh cukup bagus :) . All the stuff there is not categorized as cheap as you expected, but it can be bargained. I managed to get 1 luggage bag from there which is the open price about 2,800 Bath and after few times bargain, i managed to get my first open price - which is 1,500 Bath. kewl rite?

Swiss Army fake luggage bag - but in good quality :)

So for the next day, after the class, we didn't go to anywhere. I just stayed in hotel room and sleep early on that nite. I do not know what did my fren ate :). I should not have a problem as i do brought my cup noodle for my dinner. huhu. urmm..she also having the same, i guess. Everyday we have planned to go somewhere but sometimes the whether is not good - there was rained over the day. :(


After the class, 4 of group planned to go to Platinum where is popular with chepest stuff there. For example if you would like to buy 1 blouse, they will give you in 350 Bath, but if you BOUGHT 3 items, they will let you in 450 Bath. Is it crazy, isn't it? So we rushed back to the hotel to change clothes and straight going down to stop public cab so that we could managed to reached there earlier as informed by local/frens, the store will close about 8p.m but some would close about 7.30pm. Unfortunately, when we reached there almost 8pm, most of the section are starts to close *sigh* after a hard effort ( took cab, driver dropped us at sub-way, we have to change to sky-way and walking about 15 mins to reach the Platinum ).
While waiting of sub-way
So we ended-up by buying nothing. kekeke..ops, but not me, at least i bought some durian-chips which made in Thailand :P ponek den jalan2 tp tak dpt ape. aduish. buang duit buang tenaga. takpe lah, dpt tgk tmpt org jadi lah *ayat penyedap hati*
On the next day pulak, adus bape kali next daa..ye lah nk complete kan about 5 days nye cite ni, nk tulis 1-1 tak larat dh. Added, on thursday pun aku ended-up duk kt bilik je. sbb tak tau nak gi mane. That's y on Friday dh plan awal2 that i shud go somewhere - at least for the last :( So i was trying emailing + sms-ing someone local that i known working with us in my old company. So on the last day before we left Bangkok, i did sms my old fren again in Bangkok which is known as Thanawan about i was in BKK now :p. Then, she told me that she can bring me somewhere around, kunun la. We did make an appointment to meet at Siam Centre. I went to Siam Paragon where nearby to Hard Rock ( where as first place that i should go for) and in the same time went to MBK ( place that Denise keep telling me that we should go there to find something better ). When i was there, i could see there's nothing that i could buy pun. tah, biase saje. Anyhow, my final destination, i have bought few shirts from Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok for me,for my en. fiance and fren ( as she requested from me when know that i will travel to BKK ). So to conclude my travel story today, i will show some stuff that i bought for myself in BKK airport and other place too. Let's pix end the story :) till u then.

Us infront of Siemens Bangkok, L-R : Ken ( Siemens Tokyo ), ME, Mun Wei ( Siemens M'sia )

Famous public transport in small version - known as Tuk-tuk

Being a floating-market lady..hehe
Below are those stuff were buying for myself lah - of course! haha. the rest that i bought for others tak sempat la nk snap, semua dh ku distributed kan. but tak tau la ape yang aku beli kan. janji ingatan tu tetap ada..


pencils made by papers :)

DIOR Traveller

Local stuff i bought in airport je :(

T-shirt from HRC BKK
To end this entry, published is cert for the training that i attended of. hehe


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