July 17, 2008

i found..nothing

since last 2 months, i can say that..hari2 cari rumah. the most web that i browse out is, iproperty. Tapi tak tau la, until now 1 pun tak jumpa :(. ape la nasib ku..tulun tulun

i really need 1 house/condo/apartment - but hopefully not old-apartment or flats. bukan, bukan..don't get me wrong. it just because we need a place that secured to stay at. itu aje. tapi its not meaning that those places not secured. you got i mean rite. hmm. susah..we really in hard time now. hanya tinggal few months je nak cari rumah ni. gerakan mencari sejak 2 months ago. lama gilak! =(

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