July 15, 2008

auditor is around

today i'm not in good mood to come for work. i was awake about 8a.m something eventhough the actual time at first i woke up was at 7a.m. hehe saje bermalas-malasan, kan?

so when i reached office, about 9.40a.m. there was a kelam-kabut at place where Eve was looking for something i guess. when i came to her and asked what she looking for? she was telling me that auditors want us to bring stack of document of vendor creation. my GOD! auditors was there..uh uh uh..

so we were rushed to pick those and these ( of course the completed ones ) to show it to them. i hope that i find some that at least can help us escape from those killer question. but my goodness, i found nothing :( . talking about this last-minute-preparation, we stucked into finding all the requires documents. I was panic at that moment, because left than 30 minutes auditors would like to see us-but-not-me. finally, we come out with 1 stack that i think enuf to show them for their perusal, dunno whether it's good enuf, we have to wait for the ISO report.aisey, craziness.
yesterday i have to take cab back home - of course la because i did took it when came to the office rite. yesterday was 14th July already and i don't think that i should pay for the full of parking fees in this month, rite. i shouldn't! eventho i could claim for it - fully reimbursement dear.. but feeling not to give them all, i just wanted to pay haf of it. so start from 16th i will pay the fees. enuf, i should do my work now. but lunch time d ;)

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