June 28, 2008

today's story

Friday, 27th June 2008..6.30pm - 11.20pmWe had our dinner with the whole team at Paddington house of Pancake in One Utama today at 6.30pm. This once-in-3-months activity was arranged by our team assistant as a our department treat on celebrating birthday of one or more members within 3 months. So as for today, we were celebrating of our big boss's birthday together with farewell party for one of my colleague. So kalau tgk pada masa yang di janji kan, mcm terkejar2 rasenye nak ke sana. tapi kalau tak pergi, nnt big boss marah pulak.huhu.. nak taknak, kene la pegi. the reason why i was feeling not really intended to go, it just because of a lot work not finish yet and i will not in the office on next coming monday. see, betapa hardworking nye saya *wink*. So my planned was not going but yes, finally i joined, but then have to come back to the office to complete some urgent works. aisey.

But talking about this 'house of pancake', there's a must to promote the place, right? hmm..for me, the place is quite nice in term of food especially for medium cook of beef..err tersangat lah lembut ( ini saya curi dari beef kawan2 sementara tunggu my course is ready ). akibat mencuri makan disekeliling saya, maka perut pn separa kenyang. Jadi when my food is ready, the feeling of hungry macam tibe2 hilang eventhough at first i was like sooo wanting for my food earlier. tp bile mkn, sekerat jalan je dah berenti. i've chose this course for my own :

This is gourmet cheese sausage, beef and pancakes! The taste was yummilicious!

I've ordered ice mocha with whipped cream, but actually i should go and order for the banana+strawberry+yogurt drink. I was ordering it in the first place, but after thinking so hard and so long, i've changed my mind to that look-so-good-in-catalog mocha. anyway, that mocha not so bad tho, although i should suggest anyone to take the banana+strawberry+yogurt drink when you having there. hihi..
Nevertheless, i still managed to come back to the office after we *finished everything at 9.30pm. We continued our work until 11pm and reached home around 11.20pm. I'm so tired babe.

11.25pm- 12pm
When i just reached home ( belum pn close door and put all things ), my housemate was telling me that one of my housemate has leaving our house without any early notice. hell yah! she was actually having some problem with us recently that made her left this house for temporary ( as what she told me lah) to going back to her parents' house. What made her left this house, it could be cause of this one thing happened in our house which related to us. Something that was really serious and i should tell people here about her name and details, so that people out there ( who has accidently know her ) will know her better - who is she actually. but current i'm doing some researching on her background first before i make any exposure. :) talking about her, the right people who should explain/talk in professionally/proper way was not here. I mean today. I'm also shocked to know that her was in Sabah now by having a kenduri tahlil for her mom. Yah, her mom was suddenly dead. I wonder why, because i just always heard her mother's story. Ape yang aku t au, mak dia mmg sakit because of perbuatan org. Ada jugak manusia busuk hati mcmni. I just managed to sms-es her when i got this message from my frens. Pity her because she was planning to tie the knot with her boyfriend this coming August. Her mom was really excited and really want to see her married before she left. Anyhow, this is Gods' will, we never know when He wants to take all his. We pray our best for the best. Al-fatihah..:(

*we sang a birthday song for our boss by having a supportive colleague who really made everyone shocked, especially 'dia'..
~ picture credit to http://lingzie.com/paddington-house-of-pancakes-queensbay-mall/

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