June 4, 2008

Standing here..

I'm still in the office, waiting everythings cleared here..
It's raining out there..but i think i should give drink to my babe..tonite petrol will effectively increased..my God :(


when both got their own car, macamni pulak jadi :(
when both shared car, there's difficulties happened here, there..:(
aisey...no car also problem, own a car pun problem...


I just reached home at 8.30 pm??!!! gilessss.....its traffic jammed anywhere, just because they wanted to fuel their tank..i'm also trapped!
letih la, balik awal, sampai plak lambat..almost 1 hour to reach home, how can..
I tried to call my colleague to fill a gap before i sampai rumah, tak lah bosan.
Then i just got to know that 1 of our colleague has just been resigned, tender!!! got it?? damn it!
Its gonna be a problem for us...pity us..now only left few of us ( b, i, e, j, ir ..)
Pelik, everyone gives the same reason to tender, hiks!

S, i wanted to tender too if only i got a better job..hiks! pray hard!

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