June 24, 2008

late posted

Hi all,

I'm not sure if my decision gonna be late or there's still have chances for me to change my mind.
hmm..actually not really, not to change my decision at all. I just wanna know further whether i have made a correct decision..err i mean buying this house.

Yeah, i'm happy that i could buy this house as what i've told you in my previous entry. Yes i do. I really love the location, where it was located in between of exit of main highway. Ok ke?? ye lah, some of you might have different perspection. Who knows?

Instead of location, there's something made me fallen love with this condo. The decoration of the pool, where there's floating gym on the pool. Are they look kewl, aren't they? Some more my unit is facing a pool that i think it must be a good reason to have this such moment in your own house ;)

hmm..i'm puzzling now. tak tau kenape. could be there's such rumours or dengar cakap org je. nothing much pun, just some rumours said that the location looks congested but in the same time it's quite pricey! and the sample unit really shows that the masterbedrooms are generally smaller, so don’t expect to fit a king size bed plus have lots of moving space. hmmm lagi..
so, is there anyone would like to share their points? ( blurrr..) oh terlupa, my unit is 3+1 unit in level 10. hmm3x! and i bought at rm250k+ ..

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