June 19, 2008

Head ache

Today i was in the office a bit late ( afternoon) due to i have to apply my new passport - i will be away in next month for a week.

It's quite late to process all actually, that is why i took half emergency leave today - supposely i planned to only delayed working time, but then ;( i received sms like saying that you MUST DO YOUR WORK, MINAH (bukan nama sebenar)! - too late


well, i came to the office at 12.40pm - not too late, so its considered a.m half day ;)
the passport will ready after 2 hours, should i wait for it? no, looks like someone calling me in the office. so i decided to go to the office just to continue work. nice me.

my job is ready for me, from email to docs. most of people looking for me. wah, glamornye :-{ i've tried to reply all, but always missed out. dunno how to manage to entertain all, like BIG boss ah? No, don't salah faham, i'm only pencacai :P

Pencacai - always have to work yang macam kuli, who always get instruction, not who give instruction. So itu saya =)

So hari ini, saya akan staying back late in the office - tidak seperti semalam, se semalam, se se semalam..i went home early. ok nak keje - it's 6.51pm in the office. buhbye!

* oh lupe, dh save baru ingat. so conclusion, hari ini saya dpt spt tajuk saya - end-

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