June 26, 2008

early morning

i came to the office early in the morning. the reason why i want to be the 1st person sitting in the office because, i was hardly get to park my car near to entrance of covered parking lot. and why it's not easy to get nearer-to-entrance parking here? - because too many people working here made a reserved parking for most of parking lot in basement 1 :(

So, this is what made i decided to come to the office early in the morning just to fight the empty parking that only left there.hmm..there's also why i didn't make a reservation for mine..hahhaha..banyak pulak reason kan. yep! something happened for reason, kan? so the last reason why i didn't apply for reserved parking, just because the rate became high recently.

dulu, i do have a reserved parking. tp itu dulu, kisah dolu2. lepas the management bagi notice saying that rate will be increased, terus i cancel!ye lah, claim for parking subsidy only for 180 ( maximum per month ), but actually full reimbursement which is total max is RM2160 per year. tp ni reserved parking increased to be Rm231 per month. perghhh ..gile maut. means kalau ambik yang reserved, the rest we need to add in sendiri lah gamak nye. :(

Anyway, today i came early and managed to get 1 non-reserved parking dekat dgn entrance. eh lupe, kenape aku nak park sgt dkt ngn entrance ni? haha. sebab senang, senang kalau aku balik lewat, kereta tak jauh ke dlm basement nun. tak lah takot. ok tamat. keje shuhh!

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