June 20, 2008

banyak story

i have a lot of stories to share with. dunno which want should i tell first :D. funny one or happy one? hihihi..

let's start with happy story lah. the story started with unplanned mission. yah, we do planned to buy a house for us which is shared to be invested in KL/S'ngor - town lah, where we both working now. tapi, kami belum kawin, so how to share, isn't it? the planning goes as dreaming, mungkin lepas kami kawin lah kot. so that is what we were thinked of for a 'while'. tapi tah ape rezki tah aritu, last 2 weeks kot. lupe dah. we went to pasar pagi in Shah Alam. This is common activity that we used to do every weekend, part of lah. So as usual, lepas tu mesti pergi Giant pulak, nak cari food stock for him. Masa di Giant ni lah kami tsangkut di satu booth ni ( walhal, we always stopped there before hahahah!). Tapi kali ni, stop punya stop, cerita punya cerita. Tgk dia punya house plan, future potential, mcm tersyok pulak. Before tersyiok, I did informed the sales person that we are not married yet. Oh, he said - never mind, we can hold the process first. You both just proceed book the unit and then when you got married, we will process your loan. Ahh?? really? ( shocked!). Oh lupe, our choice location is, Subang Andaman.

Then, after hard decision. Kejap nak 4 room, kejap nk 3+1 room, kejap nk face pool, kejap face green. finally, we made a decision to choose the opposite pool unit which has 3+1 room. ok la kan? Our plan is to stay/rent out/sell this house as looking at the potential investment. Memang la some people would say, jgn beli condo, rugi. but we also tak suke stay this type of house for a long period. Ye lah, that's why we bought first in town and plan to end up somewhere in our hometown later which we would buy any other land house. Kita merancang aje, Allah yang Maha Esa tentukan segalanya. Ok back to the story. Eh, booking je dulu, belum confirm lg dapatkan? Booking fees around RM500. Okeh, itu cerita last 2 weeks. Masa tu kira fikir - eh, ada ke org booked, then hold loan process, macam pelik je.hihihi

A few days later, the sales person - named Keong- called me. Dia cakap - eh kak, saya dah tanya kawan saya, boleh if belum kawin nak apply loan since you pun akan kawin soonest maa..hihihi. uh uh uh, ye ke??? ah syok lah mcm ni. then he told me that he will let his fren know and asking them to call me later to follow up. Then the process goes as usual, bank-bank sekalian called nak jumpa la, itu la, ini la. We do have few banks yang nak jumpa and get the documents - HSBC, CIMB, Maybank, Public Bank. All of them was telling me, doesn't matter you married or not, as long as we gonna married soon, shouldn't be a problem ;) tgk tuh, ok je. so what r you waiting for, go and try it now! :D

Finally, after a hard trying, below are the conclusion :-

Maybank - i didn't tried at all
HSBC - had declined my application ( as expected )
CIMB - called today saying that, my loan APPROVED guys~ yipee!!~
Public Bank - haven't informed us anything ( doesn't matter lah ).

SO from now on, i'm start of dreaming on what i'm gonna do on decoration of my house..hahahah.
Padahal this is new development house and the expected completion is on August 2010! Hehehe..
the best part is, if we booked now ( which is still consider lower price ). When it completed in next 2010, price might be high increased to be selling of. and also, 2010 baru start bayar installement, skang interest je.
The package also good, we can escape from 10% downpayment, 7% discount for bumi, free legal fees between developer+buyer, free legal fees between bank+borrower which is not included in the loan ( 1 of packages of CIMB ), Rm500 booking fees only..hehehe..go and get yours one too ;)

Ok guys, the funny story will continue on the next entry. C ya!

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